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I Will Gladly Ultimate Fight The Beach Boys' Mike Love

I Will Gladly Ultimate Fight The Beach Boys' Mike Love
Let’s make this very clear, Mike Love — you’re in a cover band. That’s right. You are in a Brian Wilson song cover band. Sure, you happen to have had the good fortune of being related (a cousin.. we all have them) to one of the best rock music composers of all time (perhaps the... Read more »

Pussy Riot's new punk rock anthem

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This song is crazy. It’s catchy. It rocks hard. And it’s freaking real. “Putin is lighting up the fires of revolution.” That kind of stuff can get you thrown in jail in some places (think about that the next time somebody calls Obama a socialist and nobody runs around the corner with tear gas). Imprisoned... Read more »

Tom Gabel: She's a punk rock hero

Tom Gabel: She's a punk rock hero
There’s a song at the end of Against Me!’s fantastic 2007 album New Wave called “Oceans.” The second verse goes like this… If I could’ve chosen, I would’ve been born a woman/ My mother once told me she would’ve named me Laura/ I’d grow up to be strong and beautiful like her/ One day I’d find... Read more »

The Jam Room - Intro

I dig tons of bands. I like all kinds of music (no country). My favorite band is the Dandy Warhols. They are a band I would describe like this: “Not for everybody, but something for anybody.” The band – known affectionately to its fans as The Dandys – is a little funk, some folk, a... Read more »
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