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Side Projects Week closes with a song... or four live ones

Side Projects Week has been a blast. Thanks for playing. Here’s a best of the rest (that I can think of real quick)… * Jenny and Johnny Jenny Lewis was in Rilo Kiley. Johnathan Rice was just kinda doing his thing out in the desert. They started dating and, well.. This is actually their main... Read more »

Lucky Boys Confusion: Two side bands and their plans

Ah, LBC. One of the bigger bands to always keep their roots firmly in the Chicago suburbs (Naperville, specifically. Local H is another (Corgan moved out and around long before S.P.)). Back in the day when we all went off to college, I headed-up the Peoria street team of “420 Geeks.” The guys of Lucky... Read more »

Side Projects Week continues with Pete International Airport

It’s Side Projects Week here in the Jam Room. The obvious question might be — why do all rockers have side projects? If you know any musicians, you know that they’re all wickedly weird, they all have ideas and they’re usually building them in the attic whether you like it or not. When musicians gather... Read more »

The 2 Bears - Work

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A fold in my brain that has grown exponentially over the past decade has been the one that’s in love with electronic jamming. If you’ve listened to me rant for any length of time (thanks, and) you’ve no doubt heard the names LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip fly by. I can probably give a special... Read more »
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