Gogol Bordello: One band of Gypsies connects us all...

Gogol Bordello: One band of Gypsies connects us all...
Relatable madness: doing it right.

I started a new day job recently. It suits me.

There are so many musicians. Start a band? We could probably start three and still have subs.

So obviously, the names of a lot of musical acts have been kicked around as we attempt to find common ground -- every rock style from 311 to Dispatch to Iron and Wine to Yes. As it went, we were standing around last Friday mulling this over and I suddenly remembered that one of the guys said he plays the accordion, so I asked, "Do you guys like Gogol Bordello?"

Every single guys' eyes lit up.

Yes. We finally concur. Everybody digs Gogol Bordello.

First band that everybody agreed on.

Epiphany. This makes sense to me. The two jams that got the entire party singing at our last Annual Jam -- guys, gals AND kids -- were Gogol Bordello's "Alcohol" and "Through the Roof and Underground." We are currently planning a monster "Tribal Connection" jam for the next one (videos are in above order below).

There's more: the weekend before our 2012 Annual Jam we were jamming with two other musicians (Ricky of Blue Line and Rough Boyzz and Joe, formerly of Drunk Yard), one of whom had not heard of Gogol. Trying to explain Gogol Bordello is like trying to explain what it's like to ride a roller coaster using Morse Code (by the end nobody's gonna know what's going on). So we just put some on. And there it was -- the eyes lighting up.

When you get Gogol Bordello, you get it with the first chord strike. When Eugene's first drawl hits.

What is it about this band that grabs just about everyone?

Energy. At the forefront is the pure energy and the raw passion they exude without making you think too hard about it.

But I think it's also the fact that nobody comes to this crazy gypsy music with any preconceived notions. It doesn't exist here, so there is nobody to automatically discount it. And when you hear it, you're treated to something that's both new, yet sounds ancient and worthy of reverence.

Somehow Eugene and the boys continue to pull off something pretty special -- unity.


Relatable madness.

There are times my eyes well-up slightly upon hearing the opening verse of the below tune. I've felt like this, you've felt like this, there are kids and otherwise downtrodden everywhere who can yell -- We've been there, brothers and sisters...

"When there is trap set up for you in every corner of your town/ And so you learn the only way to go is underground./ When there is trap set up for you in every corner of your room/ And so you learn the only way to go is... through the roof!"

"And as we're crossing border after border, we realize the difference is none/ It's underdogs who, and if you want to, you always have to make your own fun..."


And finally, I've shared the below several times before. But wow...



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  • Instant party. If two words can describe...

  • In reply to Dan Bradley:

    Always discovering new ones. This raucous track right here is the #$*% right now ("When the Trickster Starts A Poking (Bordello Kinda Guy)"): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_l85pRCaqI

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