Top Reasons to Vote for The Voice (and possibly President)

Top Reasons to Vote for The Voice (and possibly President)
World peace, one Adele cover at a time..

Voting, voting, voting..

Everybody is about sick of being told who to vote for, right?

But there's still an awful lot of voting to be done this week. And it should only be done after you carefully consider all the information Facebook has to offer (because some of this stuff is actually important).

What everybody really wants to know is: What does voting for The Voice (and maybe even for our next President) do for ME? If only somebody could give a side-by-side comparison of the immediate benefits of paying attention to both races.

Fortunately, the Jam Room is here to help...

Voting for The Voice - You can do it by text.
Voting for President - You can now be arrested for trying.

Voice - Hosted by the affable and objective Carson Daly.
Pres. - Filtered through right-wing/liberal/fanatical/possibly pantless media.

V - You get to listen to a bunch of pretty decent music before deciding.
P - You listen to a bunch of insults for over a year and then trust the remaining people implicitly with bombs and armies.

V - Contestants often wear cool fedoras.
P - Mitt Romney has a super-hip hair helmet.

V - Christina Milian serves no purpose.
P - Popular vote serves no purpose.

V - Cee-Lo has a bird.
P - No birds.

V - Blake Shelton may be drunk.
P - People knock on my door while I'm getting drunk.

V - You can be Team Adam.
P - Entire right is Team Adam.

V - No insults from Simon!
P - Your family might not be kidnapped by Karl Rove if you do it right!

V - Divas everywhere.
P - Ditto.

V - A couple of good candidates from Chicago.
- Only one great candidate from Chicago.

Has this helped? They both sound kinda fun.

Thanks to L. for helping me with this list, and for voting with me for her very first time today. (Never too late, friends.)


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