What Have We Learned from Shark Week 2012?

Jammers have many interests. So I'm launching a new blog category in the Jam Room called "Freedom Friday" in which I'll talk about a few other relevant things: sports, entertainment, beer, uh... sharks.... Whatever.

Since I started watching the Olympics, I've been keeping "What have we learned" lists every two years as a little exercise in nonsense and publishing them wherever I happen to be hanging out -- MySpace, my blog, shaved into the side of Dennis Rodman's head. (They mostly concern things that only concern me, like the phrase "The Russians came to battle today.")

This year's list amused me so much I posted it here, so "What Have We Learned?" is a good example of a sub-category you might see here on randomly selected Fridays. You may have also recently witnessed me lamenting my long lost friend Pete's Wicked Ale. Because beer and music and writing and being a total fool, in general, all go hand-in-hand-in-foot-in-stupid-mouth.

Now that you've seen inside my brain (and are most likely in tears), here we go...

What Have We Learned From Shark Week 2012?

- 'Shark biologist' is a thing

- Most shark biologists' days end when, as expected, a camera gets eaten

- Sharks are older than dinosaurs

- And they were even more terrifying back then

- Half the stuff from Jaws is fake

- Half the stuff from Jaws is NOT FAKE!!

- Sharks don't necessarily want to eat you... but they still will

- A shark's diet is adaptive to its environment (meaning it will eventually learn to like you if you keep showing up)

- South African sharks are the only sharks that can jump

- But that's because California's sharks are much, much bigger

- Sharks are territorial

- Sharks are 80% muscle

- Sharks are beyond seeing or hearing you --  they sense your vibrations...... man

- Sharks can get pretty angry if you mess with them

- And yet we are constantly messing with them during Shark Week

I look forward to next time.

And so do the sharks...


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  • Since "what have we learned" is a Craig Ferguson line, we have also learned that, for a change, Craig took off during Shark Week.

    Maybe, like a couple of years ago, he'll come back with some Shark Week videos of himself.

    Also, did they mention that sharks are NOT fish?

  • In reply to jack:

    Sure, but we probably learned that last Shark Week.

    I like Craig, but can't watch him. Being half-deaf from all the rock 'n' roll I have a hard time deciphering what he's saying. Team Coco over here.

  • fb_avatar

    That is a pretty good list. I have already seen the normal articles from peta type complaining how we are disrupting their lives and all that. I don't know what their process is for filming. The planet earth people and discovery for that matter normally go to great lengths to not disturb anything. Has anyone ever been bitten will filming shark week? I blogged about shark week from a marketing aspect and how discovery channel just keeps drawing in viewers each year. http://bit.ly/SXSpvz

  • In reply to Justin Kofron:

    You write a killer article, Justin. "Shark Week [has] a loyal cult following. Given the fact that not much changes about sharks, this is pretty amazing." What an awesomely relevant point during the Week's 25th year.

    I think the motivation can be separated between the drivers and the viewers (with the same relative goal): 1) viewers basically want to see more scary pics of sharks and hear about how scary they are, 2) the drivers are out to get the most insane pic possible while doing something crazy. That goal was accomplished this year when one team of shark biologists managed to get a full overhead jump shot.

    Will our knowledge of sharks or their eating habits be extended that much more by this? I dunno. Maybe. They say so. It was cool to see.

    I honestly don't think we disrupt them terribly. What... We throw a fake seal into the water and the sharks are pissed when it's not food? How often do sharks make that mistake with things anyway? We see how often they bite people and not mean to do that.

    I've never seen anyone bitten during the week. The wackiest thing i caught this year was some dude sitting on a whale carcass taking pics of sharks feeding up close while the slippery, shrinking thing bobbed back and forth.

    Go Shark Week.

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