New Music Monday: Reptar's Body Faucet drops May 1st

Hey friends. Happy Monday. Going good so far? Everything running smoothly? Are you ready for a bit of ridiculous to shred your stable mind?

Me too.

How about four guys who named their band Reptar after a Rugrats character? Maybe they give us a dose of psychedelic-pop and dance-trip riddled with Afro-chants from outer space drifting in amidst the lingering aura of post-punk ‘80s.

Interesting. That’ll do.

What does the doing is Reptar's album Body Faucet, which drops (drips?) tomorrow and is already streaming at their website (this way) and YouTube page (or that).

These guys, from the same city (Athens, GA) as acclaimed alt-rock band R.E.M., waste no time starting a dance party. "Sebastian" begins the record with drifting ambiance,  clanging agogo bells and soon you're all "Who invited MGMT into Vampire Weekend's studio?"

The band drifts effortlessly through raps, hand drum breaks and plucky guitar solos right on through the next song, "Please Don't Kill Me." By track three, "Isoprene Bath," you're already sucked into whatever xylophone-disco party is about to happen. And that good, uptight energy continues through melodic romps like "Houseboat Babies," "New House" and "Sweet Sipping Soda." (Just try not to shout the chorus if you're at work.)

Near the later middle of the album, things drift into subtle Talking Heads territory as that '80s feel takes over a little much. Slower songs like "Ghost Bike" are probably the least memorable, but even they serve a purpose in breaking things up (because every party needs a smoke break? Or at least used to when you could smoke in and/or near places)(The Jam Room does not endorse smoking. We quit and only puff the occasional Black 'n Mild).

Reptar built their notoriety playing backyard party after party, dancing and jamming right to SXSW 2011 (though it seems more and more like everybody with a guitar and a larynx plays there now). And you can feel that "Write a single? We're just here to have fun!" attitude throughout Body Faucet.

* This jam gets a strong 4.something strings out of 6. I've listened to the album three times, now, and dug it more with each spin. Very creative. Mostly catchy. It's easy to listen to and picks you right up. Now where's that Bloody Mary?! It's Monday, dammit! *


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  • #Reptar opening for #Grouplove thru the mid (May) part of their tour. No damn way you leave that show sans-optimism.

  • Sounds really good so far! I need to check this out more. Too bad this show is sold out, I love Grouplove too!

  • In reply to radstarr:

    I'm now going to this show next Sat :-D ... My gf found tix at a reasonable resale rate somewhere (for my BDay). Can't. Wait.

    Reptar has a performance at KEXP up that got me going, too:

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