New Music Monday: |M|O|O|N|

New Music Monday: |M|O|O|N|
Wait.. This helmet they sold me feels wrong.

Looks like James Murphy -- of the recently-retired LCD Soundsystem -- has a nephew who is also an electronic musician.

(I went with the cold-open to spare us all an obvious torch metaphor. )

Nephew's band is called |M|O|O|N| (or M.O.O.N. in some places like Facebook). He released a four-song EP last November, a five-song EP called The Remixes in January (which are remixes) and has just started playing shows around his hometown (I'm guessing) Boston area.

I'm digging the EP. It's a bit more electro than Mr. Murphy's stuff (not that he probably wants to be compared, but his uncle is his own damn fault).

"Crystals" sounds like the catchiest video game ever -- as if Mario and Luigi's quest was to bring dancing back to a super-conservative farm town from the future. "Hydrogen" is the creation of somebody who's definitely had his coffee having a lot of fun playing with his equipment. "Release" is dark, chill and ambient. The songs have excellent flow and don't leave you hanging for a beat. Very listenable. Danceable, even, if you're not currently typing with a cat on your lap (that just me..?).

And as if having cool new music wasn't its own reward, since M.O.O.N. released this EP independently, it says on the website that 20% of the proceeds will go to The Elixir Fund ( -- a charity offering care for patients and families going through cancer treatment. Oh.. And YOU choose the price of the album.

Whoa. How empathetic.

|M|O|O|N| must know, like, a whole ton of people whose lives have been affected by this insufferable disease lately.

I know that's not just me.

Here's a website, where you can hear the sounds and, perhaps, spread the love:

Double props, compadre.

Rock. On.

[ *Also included at |M|O|O|N|'|S| website is an embedding feature -->... ]

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