Wild Flag - "Romance"

Have you seen Portlandia?

That place where young people go to retire, the '90s never end and we all work in coffee shops until our band blows up (it'll happen).

Certainly your hip friend has told you about the show from SNL's Fred Armisen and Wild Flag's Carrie Brownstein. When L. and I finally got around to it we watched the entire first season (eight episodes?) in one Saturday. It's as good as advertised (if you still own something flannel).

Now I'm also finally checking out Brownstein's band. Cool. Upbeat, grungy rock from a clique of killer chicks (technically a supergroup with former members of Sleater-Kinney, Helium and The Minders).

Found this video today and may it teach us all a very important lesson: you can never go wrong in a rabbit mask.

Wild Flag will be at the Metro on April 12th. Their self-titled album dropped last year.

Check 'em if you dig.


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  • Dude! The show rocks, and so do her bands! I will forward to my bro, he just started loving this show! "You should pickle that!"

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