The 2 Bears - Work

A fold in my brain that has grown exponentially over the past decade has been the one that's in love with electronic jamming. If you've listened to me rant for any length of time (thanks, and) you've no doubt heard the names LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip fly by.

I can probably give a special thanks to either that insane first Gorillaz record or the Dandy Warhols' 2003 dance-trip album "Welcome to the Monkey House" for all the good times that have followed.

But back to Hot Chip. Co-frontman Joe Goddard has a little side project now called The 2 Bears (with a different co-frontman, Raf Rundell). "But Hot Chip is so awesome... Why start a new band?" you ask (in my head). The 2 Bears are past merely danceable -- this is full-on club beat trippin.

Some of it falls into that cliche trap of being a bit repetitive. The other bands mentioned above set themselves apart with intermingling percussive beats rising and falling within; in the case of The Dandys, it's the atmospheric maneuvering of Pete's guitar.

This is more like the "Take it In" Hot Chip (last song on One Life Stand... which I love) with a 5-hour-power drink in its system and a few card tricks up its sleeve.

Oh.. and, uh, often in full bear costume.

Needless to say, if Joe Goddard is involved there will be cool beats. And, as if in rhythm, good songs will follow. This is one of them.

[ * This post was made especially for Nick K. Can somebody please tell him it's here. Cheers... ;-) ]


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