Side Projects Week continues with Pete International Airport

It's Side Projects Week here in the Jam Room.

The obvious question might be -- why do all rockers have side projects?

If you know any musicians, you know that they're all wickedly weird, they all have ideas and they're usually building them in the attic whether you like it or not.

When musicians gather into bands, a lot of collaboration and compromise is often necessary. This is a good thing -- it can turn into Lennon/McCartney (okay, only once and for like six years tops) -- or it can be Van Halen/Van Hagar/Cherone Nightmare/too-old-to-matter-now.

But splitting off and making an album doesn't always mean you're at-odds. Often it just means you're taking something further into an odd direction. Yesterday we had a look at Hot Chip's Joe Goddard as his The 2 Bears went clubbing in costume.

Today we have The Dandy Warhols' mad guitar man Pete Holmstrom. As this guy usually takes the lead in making that band atmospheric and weird, you can kinda guess which direction Pete International Airport (named after a Dandys song) is going to go.

Much of it is very relaxing and psychedelic (first vid below, "Starlight".. I LOVE this tune). "21 Days" (second vid) is about as hyped up as they get (and it kinda sounds like a Dandys groove by that point) but flows in and out with some weird ambiance.

They released a self-titled album in 2010. The Dandy Warhols will be back with This Machine in April.

Keepin busy. Most rockers like to do that, as well.



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