Rodrigo y Gabriela - 'Tamacun'

You may have heard of this duo and/or seen them on the late-night talk show circuit. Their talent cannot be denied.

This is quite a little jam Rodrigo y Gabriela have right here. And he's an impressive soloist who incorporates Latin flourishes and crescendos to give his jams great structure and feeling.

BUT... What I'm a bit taken with here is Gabriela's style of playing. Namely: what the hell is she doing?

I've been practicing this 'pluck the bass (and high strings), then fingernail-scrape an off-beat chord' playing style since seeing other jammers like Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello do it. It's a super-fun way to change speeds during a jam and freak out everyone you're playing with.

But Gabriela (and often Eugene) is incorporating several more hand movements per strum (clocked at about 6 hm/s, at times) here. She's practically playing bass, drums and rhythm guitar simultaneously.

I know that guitars can be quite percussive. But I've watched video after video and can't quite figure out to hit the thing mid-strum.

But that's good, right? Always something to learn.



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  • It's hard to believe all that drumming/percussion is done on the guitars, with their hands! How frigging killer! Every time somebody sends me a link, I am always blown away by these two, just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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