Karma Police - Gianni and Sarah (Radiohead Loop Cover)

Here is another brand of tunes to come rocking out of the YouTube, "free" music era on the up-swing: loop artists. You may have seen all five members of the band Walk off the Earth playing "Somebody I Used to Know" on one guitar like everybody else did last week ( http://youtu.be/d9NF2edxy-M ). Here's a couple of those dudes doing something different.

Back in the day, you had to become a fan of a guy like Keller Williams in three stages: 1) "I have no idea who that is," 2) "I've heard his music and kinda like it" and 3) "I've seen what it is he actually does live and I want science to figure out a way for me to have his babies."

But now we all know what Pomplamoose does ( http://youtu.be/f-4ZwiW1cPs ) and Julia Nunes ( http://youtu.be/_itJ5cVQjeU ) was actually on Conan last night (unfortunately, without a loop machine) because we get to see what they do!!

The first Keller Williams show I ever went to was an absolute revelation. I didn't know such a type of music existed -- parts dance, jive, noise, hippie-hop, hand drum, rock and all jam -- as a jammer myself, that kicked the door open for just about anything.

And now I know that there are lots of other jammers out there who just want to play everything. Rock on.


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  • God this is so ill! These guys are amazing! And the video, and the muppets, aw man, I'm jealous! Great tune as well!

  • haha... I've been gathering instruments for so long i'm jealous of the loop machine. one day...

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