Hot Chip performing "I Feel Better" on KCRW

Have you met Hot Chip? Guys, Hot Chip.. Hot Chip, guys. They put out this pretty tight little album (their fourth) called One Life Stand in 2010 and I still can't get some of these songs out of my head. Hot Chip takes keys, samples and a bevy of percussives and makes rock danceable again (and unlike my other fav elec band -- LCD Soundsystem -- they still exist!). Let me just say, here in the Jam Room, we are WAY open to electronic jamming. Here's one for the weekend!

Listen to the full session here:


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  • I need to scope these guys more, this sounded cool...

  • In reply to radstarr:

    Their latest album is great. I'd check out 2006's The Warning, too. A fave from it -->

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