Girls Get Promotion Too: Chicago's Own Zoe Leigh

Girls Get Promotion Too: Chicago's Own Zoe Leigh

When it comes to Chicago Entertainment, there are quite a few promoters and companies out there. Some reputable. Some, not so much. No doubt that the entertainment promotion industry is male driven, but there is one name that has emerged in the past few years, Zoe Leigh. Her company, "Mrstealyourwig" productions is a company that specializes in social events mainly in the Chicago area and boy has she changed the game. Yup, it's official. Zoe Leigh is a game changer.  zoe

Zoe started promoting comedy about four years ago in Chicago and has done countless shows since then. She uses local artist but also brings in some of the top comedic talent in the country. Her roster of talent reads like a comedy fest: TK Kirkland, Benji Brown, Just Nesh, Luenell,  Doc Love, Deon Cole, Damon Williams, Dick Gregory and Paul Mooney just to name a few. The list of talent lining up to work with her spans across the country. When you put on a quality show with quality people, you can't help but be successful. Not too mention, quality venues at affordable pricing. Zoe's productions are a far cry from the hole in the wall, chitlin' joints you usually expect. Upscale, urban events that make you feel good about stepping out for the night. paul m

"My ultimate goal is to own my own comedy club," Zoe put into the atmosphere. I'm sure Mary Lindsey of "Jokes and Notes" is ready to pass the torch. Being in this industry has it's joys and pains. However, being a woman in this industry certainly has its ups and downs. "My biggest joy is keeping customers laughing, and receiving feedback, I can use to make my shows better. My biggest upset are rumors that aren't true."

zandcZoe has raised the bar in Chicago Comedy and we are all grateful for her work and effort. In a city that has been plagued with constant political corruption, violence and turmoil, we need a laugh. Zoe Leigh is giving it to us and she is giving it to us good.





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