Better Berries or Nah? Batter & Berries in Lincoln Park

Better Berries or Nah? Batter & Berries in Lincoln Park
French Toast at Batter and Berries

Hey Ladies and Gents!

It's your fav chica, Mz. Jae, chiming in on what's going on around town in Chicago [Cue Frank Sinatra's : Chicago]! Today, we tackle Breakfast or for the chronically late, Brunch!

Batter & Berries - Lincoln Park

Batter & Berries - Lincoln Park

In Chicago, we love our Breakfast/Brunch. It's what we do. It's who we are. We make plans with our friends, family or significant other on Thursday to have breakfast on Saturday morning, usually around 10am. We select a location, get dressed (casual chic aka just enough to turn heads, but not look to done up or like we've tried too hard), and we dine.  We talk about politics, religion, careers, celebrity gossip, trends, economics, fashion, social media.... [deep breath] ... life events, pop culture, technology, fitness, and health. We double cheek kiss, hug and go on leading our exciting and adventurous lives. However, know that the food is the secondary component but it's all about location, location, location. We need to be spotted (or check in) at the hottest spots. It's like breathing. It's required. Not optional.

In mid 2013, there began a HUGE chatter about this fabulous breakfast/brunch spot in Lincoln Park. The reviews were all raving about their amazing French toast! This restaurant was on the lips of every hip, cool, urban, in-the-know Chicago Aficionado. I had to see what the hype was all about. Needless to say- I have never been to Batters and Berries. Why? The wait is alwasys 90mins to 2 hours. That is just too long for breakfast on the weekend. The hostess even suggested that I come back on a Monday or Tuesday (The nerve).

I'm sure that the food is decadent and delish, defies all kinds of culinary feats and causes you taste buds to leap in exaltation- but 2 hours for French Toast- not gonna happen. Not when there are too many other options avaialable like Ms. Biscuit, Sweet Maple Cafe, Yolk, The Bongo Room and many others. There will be many that disagree with me and believe that Chef Derek Rylon is the second coming of the late Chef Charlie Trotter, but the time waiting is something that I cannot get pass. Time is the one thing that we won't get back.

Perhaps, I will take the trek to Lincoln Park on a weekday morning to experience the culinary creativitiy of Chef Rylon and I'm sure that the hype will be worth it. But the bigger question is: How much is 2 hours of my time worth?


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