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Six Reasons Parenting a Toddler at 50 is so Much Easier than at 30

I am on the grey side of 50 years old and have lived 18 years between raising two year old toddlers and now find the task much easier than it was when I was 30.  Yep, easier.  While some things are admittedly much tougher today than they were 20 years or so ago, getting through a... Read more »

Father's Day Without Your Father - You Still Need to Celebrate

This is the first year of my life that Father’s Day will pass without my father being around.  While I read things and hear people say that since their father died they can’t celebrate or can’t bear to acknowledge the holiday, I have to say that I find such sentiment a little self-serving and disingenuous.... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools Students Play "Kill the Jews" So Let's Talk about Bullying

This week in anti-Semitism news, Chicago Public School students are playing a form of “Kill the Jews” on an online game, “Clash of Clans.”  The response from leaders at CPS? Stay silent first, and then when the news hits, talk about bullying. Bullying? Is that the new code word for any form of behavior that has a... Read more »

Is it Racist to ask a Tall Black Kid if He Plays Basketball

My 14 year old nephew is 6’ 2” tall and wears black-horned rimmed glasses.  He received the highest possible score on the Chicago Public School high school entrance exam and had his choice of any of the high schools in Chicago.  He spent last summer learning Cantonese.  His favorite and best sport is soccer. My... Read more »

Macklemore Performs in a Jewish Costume

Macklemore is a rapper who performed his hit song “Thrift Shop” over the weekend in a costume that could easily be deemed to be a derogatory stereotype of a Jewish man.  Judge for yourself: Macklemore won a Grammy award last year and he and his partner, Ryan Lewis, have become quite the darling of the... Read more »

Chicago Shootings and Banning Plastic Bags

The headline in today’s Chicago Tribune reflects what has become a nightly occurrence as we learn how Chicago shootings ratcheted up to 12 more on our streets Monday night.  The article includes a quote from a resident of the Little Village neighborhood where one of the incidents took place who said, “Little Village, ain’t nothing... Read more »

To the Rialto, California Unified School District - The Holocaust Really Happened, ask my Dead Relatives

It was reported today that in the Rialto, California Unified School District, located outside Los Angeles, 8th grade students were given a writing assignment asking them to argue whether the Holocaust happened. The students  were asked to write an essay on whether the Holocaust was “merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain.” This was reported... Read more »

10 Reasons I Did Not Watch Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a good show, granted.  Lots of people watch it, I understand.  And it seems to be the darling of social media, right – #GoT. But, I did not watch Game of Thrones last night and very likely will not watch much of Season 4, unless randomly.  Why? I have a two-year-old.... Read more »

David Letterman is Retiring so Let's Search for a New White Male Late Night Host

The big news out of the late night television world this week (now that we have all recovered from the big news about Jimmy Fallon last month) is that David Letterman is retiring next year.  How about, “I thought he was already retired?”  The real news is not that a 66 year-old man is retiring, but... Read more »

To Beyonce and Jay-Z: Blue Ivy Needs a Friend

Beyoncé and Jay-Z could be the most famous couple in the world, or at least the United States, and their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, needs a friend.  Fame isn’t everything of course and I think Blue Ivy probably could use some peer companionship. Lately, I’ve been feeling sorry for Blue Ivy and think that a friend her own age who... Read more »