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This is What I Wrote 14 years Ago on 9/11/01

ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2001, I TOOK THE ADVICE OF A TRIBUNE COLUMNIST AND COMMITTED MY THOUGHTS FROM 9/11/2001 TO PAPER.  LOOKING BACK, I THINK ABOUT CHANGE, HOW THINGS EVOLVE, AND VOLTAIRE AND CANDIDE.  HERE IT IS/WAS: Today is Thursday, September 13, 2001.  Two days ago, terrorists hijacked four airplanes.  Two were flown into the World... Read more »

It's Time to Shut Down the Chicago Air and Water Show

It is time for the Chicago Air and Water Show to be shut down. This year was the 57th edition of the show and it should be the last. More notable than the big crowds, the beautiful weather, the gorgeous skyline, and the skills of the show’s performers is the fact that this year’s show... Read more »

Don't Worry Stan Mikita, Blackhawks Fans Remember

As I sat this morning with my Blackhawks cap on wishing the work day would end quickly so I could gather my wife and head somewhere to watch Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, I opened the Chicago Tribune to the sports article, “For Stan Mikita, all the Blackhawks Memories are Gone.” I wish... Read more »

Eight Reasons Why The White Sox are no Longer Worth Rooting For

After watching the Minnesota Twins sweep the White Sox this weekend and observing this miserable team’s lay down in Sunday’s 13 to 3 loss, I couldn’t help but create a list of eight reasons why the White Sox are no longer worth rooting for. A little background may be appropriate before I get to my... Read more »

My Decision for Chicago Mayor: I'm Voting for Rahm, no Chuy, Wait I want Rahm to Win, I want Chuy ...

Tomorrow, those registered voters in Chicago who actually care enough to drag ourselves to the polls will cast our votes for the next mayor. As of today, 24 hours before the polls open, I’m still undecided. I thought I knew who I was voting for in the election tomorrow on the day in February when... Read more »

The Jackie Robinson West Story is Sad For Everyone Involved

In Chicago it is unfortunate that we are used to stories of corruption and that’s when you sit and think about the JRW story, you realize that it is sad all the way around. Corrupt baseball league administrators do what they think will help underprivileged and historically left-behind kids win a baseball championship and the... Read more »

Ten Reasons Why Bruce Jenner is Making a Wise Decision to Become a Woman

Apparently the mystery is now solved and Bruce Jenner, the patriarch/soon-to-be matriarch of the Kardashian clan of fame hogs, is going to “transition” to womanhood. As the tabloids and maintstream publications are now confirming, the former Olympic gold medalist, is going to live the balance of his life as a transgender woman. I find this... Read more »

The death of the great Ernie Banks makes it official: my youth is over

As the stories flow in about Ernie Banks and people recount the greatness of his baseball skills and the positive aspects of his character, his death over the weekend represents a far more significant event than just the loss of a beloved athlete. For those of us who saw him play and experienced his athleticism... Read more »

Seven Celebrities We Have Seen Enough Of

With awards seasons upon us and the Golden Globes being handed out this past Sunday, it is as good a time as any to identify seven celebrities that we have seen enough of. This season of celebrity self-congratulations provides a convenient opportunity to take a look at these people who keep showing up and determine... Read more »

French Rally Against Terrorism is Encouraging as Jews Continue to Emigrate

A million and a half people marched through Paris at the January 11 French rally against terrorism following the murder of a Paris police officer, the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo magazine and the slaughter of hostages at the Jewish market, Hyper Cacher, by terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda. I watched and read some of... Read more »