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How Would You Like to be Fired?

An incident that occurred last week on Chicago radio poses a larger question that goes beyond the volatile nature of radio and media — how would you like to be fired? This past Thurday, a number of employees of sports radio station The Game, FM 87.7, found out that they were fired while on the... Read more »

A Chicago Bucket List by a Chicagoan

We all read multiple lists of things we should do before we die, but what about a bucket list of things to do in Chicago, by a Chicagoan. Me. The thought occurred to me, as I was reading Esquire Magazine’s “83 Things Every Man Should Do Before he Dies,” that I’ve lived in Chicago all... Read more »

To the GOP Election Winners: Please Tell us What "We Want our Country Back" Means

Having just been through a rather vitriolic campaign season in Illinois and then scanning the statements in post-election coverage plus the comments that follow news stories, you can’t help but be repeatedly assaulted by the phrase, “We want our country back.”  Hearing and reading this new mantra, it’s depressing to think about the true meaning... Read more »

White Men Can Dance

One of society’s stereotypes that is hard to debate is that white guys are bad dancers, but there may now be some movement to a new paradigm that, indeed white men can dance. As a member of the “white guy” demographic, I acknowledge t that I’ve tried to dance and have been told, on many... Read more »

If Russell Wilson Isn't Black Enough, Am I White Enough?

Super Bowl champion quarterback Russell Wilson isn’t “black enough” according to unnamed sources and some of his unnamed Seattle Seahawk teammates.  Reading these reports and knowing that this accusation has been made about other popular black athletes and entertainers including golfer Tiger Woods and actress Stacey Dash, it made me wonder. Am I “white enough.”... Read more »

Hey White People - UniverSoul Circus is Not Just for Blacks

This is a message for white people who may be looking for something to do next year around this time – the UniverSoul Circus is not just for blacks. So, get out of your collective comfort zones, and check it out. I don’t want to seem like some bad ass who isn’t afraid of anything... Read more »

I Didn't Give Up on my Hair, It Gave up on Me

I didn’t give up on my hair, it gave up on me. I had hair on my head for 25 solid years and then for the next 15 years, it slowly drifted away. I wish I could pick up a comb and use it for something other than scratching my back. I want to take a... Read more »

I don't Play Racquetball Anymore, but Wish I Did

Until four years ago, I played racquetball every Wednesday night. I don’t play anymore, but wish I did. The reason why I don’t play anymore is stupid, but is a tale of poor communication, geography and hardheadedness. For several years, every Wednesday night was racquetball night for me and my friend Neal.  We played at... Read more »

35 Reasons the South Side of Chicago Needs More Attention

Thanks to my softball teammate and writer Jack Silverstein (@readjack) for pointing out why the South Side of Chicago needs more attention than it is getting.  Maybe my transplant status as a 45-year north sider/north suburban resident represents a naive viewpoint to the needs and history of Chicago’s forgotten landscape.  But, I’ll tell you, when... Read more »

Things a Black Wife says to her White Husband, Part 2

Some time ago, I wrote a list of things that my black wife says to me which I, as the white husband, had not necessarily heard before (Things a Black Wife Says to her White Husband). Since time has passed, the list has expanded and I am here to share:  “You know this song don’t you? ... Read more »