White Sox: Please Trade Chris Sale Right Now

Chris Sale should be traded right now and I hope the White Sox get smart and do it. Is there any reason why a multi-million dollar enterprise should keep on its payroll someone who has proven to be a buffoon twice in the same year?

In his first moronic move this year, Sale virulently came to the defense of his ex-teammate Adam LaRoche who was simply asked not to bring his 14 year old son around the workplace every day. Does anyone out there get to bring their kid to work every day? How about every week? Didn't think so.

Then, on a promotional day when he was scheduled to pitch, Sale took a knife to his teams' throwback jerseys because, boo-hoo, he didn't want to wear them.

Disingenuously, Sale declared that the White Sox cared more about business than it did about winning. Sorry, Chris, but making money in business helps teams win. And, since the White Sox don't always draw big crowds even when they win, they need promotions to bring in more money. And you, in your selfish millionaire way, decided that since you didn't like the 1976 throwback jersey, you wouldn't wrap your fingers around the baseball, but instead you'd give a big middle finger to the 32,000 fans who came to the ballpark to see you pitch.

Sale is a great pitcher and is one of the few players on a team that has trade value. Since White Sox fans know, deep in their hears, that the team has no chance to win this year, trading Sale actually makes sense for the future. If the regular "blue collar guys" who are the stereotypical White Sox fans destroyed the property of their employers, they'd be fired. For Sale, he won't be cut, but why not just trade him and get rid of an idiot and get prospects instead.

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