San Diego Chargers Broadcaster Hank Bauer is Probably not Anti-Semitic, He's Just an A**Hole

Yet another throwaway anti-Semitic comment was made by a public figure and it simply proves that San Diego Chargers broadcaster Hank Bauer is an asshole.  Seemingly waiting for an opportunity to skewer the Jewish people listening to the Chargers' radio broadcast and to get a chuckle out of his radio partner and Jew, Josh Lewin, Bauer pounced on this chance and told the ever-hilarious story of how copper wire was  invented when a penny was dropped between two Jews.  Oops, sorry, I gave away the punch-line.

I often get worked up by people using Jews as the butt of jokes, translating that into a lack of sensitivity to the evils of the Holocaust.  I will then launch into a story of how my mother and her parents escaped Germany while many members of her family were killed in concentration camps.

Not this time though.  At the tail end of a meaningless pre-season game (aren't all Chargers games somewhat meaningless?), Lewin was commenting on how, given the prices of seats and seat licenses, he'd stay to the end of a game rather than leave earlier, Bauer thought this was a good opening for his special brand of humor.  Clear Channel, the radio employer of Bauer, suspended him for one game in response to his comment.

I can't wait for Bauer's apology where he won't apologize, but will say that he's sorry if he insulted anyone.

Let me respond to Hank:  You didn't insult me Hank.  You are just another example of an insensitive, ignorant, past-his-prime, former whatever you were, who needs to retire.  In other words, you're an asshole.  You're not worth the time of those who fight anti-Semitism around the world.  You just need to go away.

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