To Beyonce and Jay-Z: Blue Ivy Needs a Friend

Beyoncé and Jay-Z could be the most famous couple in the world, or at least the United States, and their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, needs a friend.  Fame isn't everything of course and I think Blue Ivy probably could use some peer companionship. Lately, I've been feeling sorry for Blue Ivy and think that a friend her own age who has similar interests would be good for her.  These famous kids who hang out with their equally famous parents all the time seem a little lonely.

The last thing that anyone wants is a lonely, maladjusted child who spends time in her bedroom with imaginary friends.  As a man who considers himself fairly magnanimous, I would like to suggest my daughter Sasha as a potential friend for Blue Ivy.

The idea started out as a joke a few months ago when my son told me that my wife and I should become friends with Beyoncé and Jay-Z.  He said that my wife and Beyoncé could hang out, go shopping, and hit the clubs.  He reasoned that the little girls could become friends as well - same age, etc.  He then suggested that then he and Jay-Z could become "boys."  "What about me?" I asked.  "You could take care of the babies," he answered. That's about right.

But, it got me thinking that my blended, mixed, 21st century, post-racial family might be a good reason why Beyoncé and Jay-Z would want Blue Ivy to be friends with Sasha. Granted, we don't live in New York or LA, but Chicago is hip - we've got Kanye, Common and Lollapalooza - and I watch TMZ.

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So why else should my daughter become Blue Ivy's friend and not some other girl?  Several reasons.  First of all, the girls are practically the same age.  Blue Ivy was born on January 7, 2012 and my daughter was born three weeks later.  They could share birthday parties and the Carters and I could work together on sharing the expenses.

Another reason for the friendship-to-be would be that both of our families are fans of Jay-Z's music.  Sorry, Beyoncé, but your singing just doesn't sound the same since you ditched Destiny's Child years ago.  Your new song, "Drunk in Love" is a little rough on the senses as well, but I hey I love your style. Jay-Z, on the other hand, keeps rolling out new and better material the older he gets.  My daughter sings the chorus to "Holy Grail" every time it comes on the car radio (the clean, edited version of course), so clearly the girls would have that in common.

While Blue Ivy is, without a doubt musically inclined from genetics alone, her new friend Sasha (Beyoncé, you've got to like my daughter's name) is musically inclined as well.  She is extremely advanced on the blow-up guitar that her older brother gave her and knows the lyrics to all the current pop songs based on her car radio choices.

Interesting that even at the young ages of 2, the girls have similar taste in cars - rocking the pink and lavender e-cars that each of them received as gifts for their 2nd birthdays. They are young and they care about the environment.

  Sasha and her e-car

 Sasha's new friend and her e-car (NY Daily News)

You may also note that both girls have high-end, trendy taste in shoes, wearing their Air Jordans.

The first thing my father would ask me when I mentioned a new friend was "What does her father do?" In this case, my wife and I don't even need to ask and in the event Blue Ivy's parents are wondering - my wife has a solid job and has a post-graduate degree.  I have a decent job too (I'm not just a blogger).

So, let's get on with this. We're planning to be in the Miami area next month so perhaps the girls could meet down around South Beach for a little playing in the sand.  Drinks on me, dinner on Blue Ivy's mom and dad, ok?  See you then.

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