Thanksgivukkah is Stupid and us Jews Need to Stop

Because of the nature of the "Jewish" calendar, the first day of Hanukkah this year falls on Thanksgiving Day 2013.  As a result, some creative Jewish people have coined the term "Thanksgivukkah" to commemorate this anomaly. Why? I can't figure that out at this point, other than it is incredibly stupid and unfunny.

According to those who care, Hanukkah will not fall on Thanksgiving Day for another 77,000 years.  To me, this fact supports the "who cares" aspect of the conversation regarding the marriage of these two holidays.  It just seems like another effort on the part of American Jews to get people to notice us.  "Please," we seem to be saying, "pay attention to us.  We know our holiday is minor, but since it usually happens around Christmas, we are trying to be part of the mainstream.  Please - notice us.  And, especially notice us now because Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving."

American Jews apparently want to be noticed so badly that this holiday mash-up has even spawned bad artwork, t-shirts and regrettable turkey-based religious artifacts.

 How embarrassing is this stupid turkey menorah? (

For anyone who wants to know, the short version of the Hanukkah story is that a brave battalion of soldiers known as the Maccabees and led by Judah, held off King Antiochus and his armies for three years while defending the temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. It is a sad state of affairs in the Jewish community that this confluence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah has spawned such things as turkey menorahs and t-shirts with turkey candle pictures or tweets like this from @FoodNetwork:

FoodNetwork (@FoodNetwork)
Is your family celebrating THANKSGIVUKKAH? Tell us how using #ThanksgivingLive

I suppose its nice that people notice a Jewish holiday, but it would be nice if they noticed it for the bravery of our people and not for jamming candles into a dead bird.  I'm not celebrating Thanksgivukkah - it doesn't exist.  Ask me about Hanukkah and I'll be happy to tell you.


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