Biracial Baby and her Family at Year One

One year ago this month, on February 1, 2012, my wife and I became the parents of a mixed-race baby.  We've used the term mixed race, biracial, and made up the term "blussian" (black + Russian) to describe Sasha, but this is primarily for formal, documentary purposes.  She is truly a joy.  I try to explain to people that she is a baby who doesn't cry and doesn't complain, although most don't believe it.  Having been a parent before, I know how difficult a difficult baby can be.  Sasha is anything but that.

Sasha is truly a lucky child.  She has six siblings who will be there to watch over and protect her long after I am gone.  They include my four kids - 27, 22, and 18 year old brothers and a 25 year old sister; plus my wife's two kids - 18 and 15 year old brothers.  She has a mother who can and will do anything for her.  And, she has a father who wields his iPhone camera like a wild west gunslinger and his six-shooter.

The idea of this gallery is not to make a spectacle of our daughter.  Rather, I started this blog to document instances and events that occur to me and my family that are based, at least in part, on how society views and responds to race.

Consistent with my blogging goal, Sasha is a real-life example of how two families have been brought together through a marriage and now through a child where race is an issue, but not an overwhelming one.  It hasn't been perfect, but it's working.  While this may not be post-racial America quite yet, there is hope out here in Chicago 2013.

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