Powerball is at $550 Million: What if You Win that Money

I'd like to advise anyone who is contemplating buying a Powerball ticket between now and the drawing to forget that idea.  The winning ticket is already sitting safely in my pocket.  I am going to win the Powerball drawing tonight and I am going to choose the lump sum annuity which will be approximately $325 million before taxes.  So, I guess I'll be left with about $200 million.  As they say in hip-hop, that's some "tall money."

That goes for you too Leon of "Leon's Lockerroom" on WGCI-FM in Chicago.  This morning on the "Tony Sco and the Morning Riot" show, Leon said that if he won the Powerball drawing tonight (which he won't), he'd donate one-third of his winnings to his church.  Leon is a damn liar.  If he chose my plan and had $200 million in his pocket, he would not give $67 million to his church.  No church needs $67 million.

But Leon's tall tales about tall money got me thinking...When I win that money tonight, what will I do?  Or, more importantly, what would my kids do with my money.

  Gotta stack your paper, right L'il Flip?

I got a good idea what my 21-year old son would do when he said, "I'd bail on all you fuckers."  On behalf of me and your four siblings, thanks very much for your sensitivity and caring.  All you can do is raise them.

My 18-year old son had a different approach, "I'd drop out of school and travel."  Seems like a waste of a decent mind but I guess it depends on what he'd do after he was done with all that important travel.

My 26-year old son (follow him - @PeteChatzDoinIt) tweeted "If I win Powerball I'd pay R. Kelly $100 million to make an album with me titled TPJew.com."  Seems hip and out of touch with my reality.  Frankly, I don't know what he's talking about. 

My 23-year old daughter who lives in Brookly and works in Manhattan said she'd "still work, travel and start her own street wear line."  Surprisingly and gratifyingly, the most productive of all of them.

My 9-month old daughter can't talk, but I think she'd want me to buy something for her mother. 

Me?  The usual - new house, new car, pay off everyone's bills, hair transplant, buy the Blackhawks and end the NHL strike, and open up some good restaurants on the south side.

How about you?  You may not win, but you can dream...?

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