Will Wonders Never Cease - In India, A Store Named "Hitler"

I am certainly not the voice of reason when it comes to much of anything.  I do stupid things as much as the next person, just ask my wife and kids.  But maybe someone can tell me why, in the year 2012, a person would open a store and call the store "Hitler."  If ever there is a reason to use the text/twitter phrase "WTF," this is it.

Even though the store owner decided today to change the store's name (albeit under pressure to do so), what will it take to get people to stop using the name and the concept for their own gain?  (I can't wait to see what the store's new name is - "Atilla?" "Jonestown Fashions?")

   (Ajit Solanski, AP)

According to, Rajesh Shah, the owner who opened the store last month in Ahmedabad claimed he only recently learned why the name would offend people.   But then, the article also quotes Shah saying that the idea for the shop's name came from a nickname for one of his business partner's grandfather, who was known for his "strict nature."  All of his explanations are somewhat suspect in light of that sweet swastika that dots the "i" in Hitler.

Mr. Shah, if you could hear me as I screamed into your face or if you were to read this blog, I want you know a few things.  First, your business partner's grandfather must have been very strict to have been known as "Grandpa Hitler."  Since you purportedly just recently learned why the name "Hitler" is offensive on the internet, you should also know that Hitler directed the murder of approximately 5,860,000 Jewish people during World War II.  Hitler also ordered the deaths of approximately 5,000,000 others.  Among the groups which the Nazis and their collaborators murdered and persecuted were: Gypsies, Serbs, Polish intelligentsia, resistance fighters from all the nations, German opponents of Nazism, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, habitual criminals, and the "anti-social," e.g. beggars, vagrants, and hawkers.

Good thing Grandpa Hitler wasn't in your family, huh Mr. Shah?

Further, Mr. Shah, The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, California, provides the public with historical information regarding the Holocaust.  Perhaps you should visit, or since you are apparently quite adept with referencing things on the internet, you should go to the site that lists 36 Questions About the Holocaust and see what you can learn --

Jewish people say "Never Again" when discussing the Holocaust to ensure that we remember and that we vow to never let this happen to our people again.  Perhaps the rest of us need to also say "never again" to those who continue to attempt to profit from what Hitler and his frenetic followers wrought upon the world. 

A store named Hitler and the owner didn't know it would be a problem...

"We received at least 10 calls every day from the U.S., the U.K., Dubai, Germany and Israel," Shah said according to an Indian newspaper. "It was getting very annoying, as many of these people called at odd hours." 

Annoying?  Odd hours?  I'll bet it was annoying when the Nazis showed up at the homes of the Jews and Gypsies in the middle of the night and loaded their families onto railroad cars.

Good night Mr. Shah - I sure hope the annoying phone calls don't wake you up anymore.

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