A Ryder Cup Prediction: The Euros will Win

As the Ryder Cup kicks off today, I am watching with more attention since I had the good fortune to attend Tuesday's practice round for the Ryder Cup at Medinah.  I enjoy watching golf more than I enjoy playing golf.  If I could play well, I'd enjoy it more.  But since my skills are average at best, I have found that watching the best players in the world on television from time to time is actually calming, unlike trying to hit a little ball 200 yards to a stick that is stuck in a small hole.

Based on my viewing rather than playing preferences, I was incredibly excited when a friend invited me to Medinah Country Club this past Tuesday to watch the teams from the United States and Europe practice for this week's Ryder Cup.  I was particularly anxious to see Rory McIlroy hit a drive and to see how the American team seemed to interact with each other and the fans.

I was not disappointed by McIlroy's ability nor was I surprised by the American team.  As a result of my own amateur, unscientific observations over a two to three hour period, I am predicting a European destruction of the American team for the following reasons:

1.  No one can hit the ball as far and as straight as McIlroy.  Practicing on the 12th fairway, a 476 yard par 4, McIlroy hit his drive straight down the middle 340 yards.  He then hit a sand wedge (yes, a sand wedge) within 10 feet of the hole.

2.  The Europeans are loose.  Check out Assistant Captain Miguel Angel Jimenez lighting up a Cubano on the first green.  Gotta love that.


And check out Team Captain Jose Maria Olazabal signing autographs after the Euros first practice hole.


Looks pretty calm, doesn't he?

3.  The Americans refused to sign autographs for kids along the course.  Everywhere that seemed to be designated as a pass-through for the players, kids (and some weird guys) would line up with golf balls, Ryder Cup flags and other items to have signed.  Instead of stopping like the Euros, the American players and captains all made a bee-line to the next tee or next green without stopping.  Kids along the course were complaining and saying how cool the Euros were.  I'm not surprised.

  Tiger Woods.  Wouldn't sign autographs on practice day - and neither would other Americans.

So, there you have it, a random assessment of what I viewed, here are the winners:


Regardless, I recommend watching both teams.  Their skills are amazing.

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