The Jackie Robinson West Story is Sad For Everyone Involved

In Chicago it is unfortunate that we are used to stories of corruption and that’s when you sit and think about the JRW story, you realize that it is sad all the way around. Corrupt baseball league administrators do what they think will help underprivileged and historically left-behind kids win a baseball championship and the... Read more »

Ten Reasons Why Bruce Jenner is Making a Wise Decision to Become a Woman

Apparently the mystery is now solved and Bruce Jenner, the patriarch/soon-to-be matriarch of the Kardashian clan of fame hogs, is going to “transition” to womanhood. As the tabloids and maintstream publications are now confirming, the former Olympic gold medalist, is going to live the balance of his life as a transgender woman. I find this... Read more »

The death of the great Ernie Banks makes it official: my youth is over

As the stories flow in about Ernie Banks and people recount the greatness of his baseball skills and the positive aspects of his character, his death over the weekend represents a far more significant event than just the loss of a beloved athlete. For those of us who saw him play and experienced his athleticism... Read more »

Seven Celebrities We Have Seen Enough Of

With awards seasons upon us and the Golden Globes being handed out this past Sunday, it is as good a time as any to identify seven celebrities that we have seen enough of. This season of celebrity self-congratulations provides a convenient opportunity to take a look at these people who keep showing up and determine... Read more »

French Rally Against Terrorism is Encouraging as Jews Continue to Emigrate

A million and a half people marched through Paris at the January 11 French rally against terrorism following the murder of a Paris police officer, the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo magazine and the slaughter of hostages at the Jewish market, Hyper Cacher, by terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda. I watched and read some of... Read more »

The more things change, the more the Bears stay the same

Why are sportswriters and sports pundits actually suggesting that the changes the Bears announced yesterday represent some kind of “sweeping” departure from the team’s previous methods rather than what the old saying actually says. This is more of the same; you know, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” As the days go... Read more »

A Christmas Miracle Happened to Me

I sometimes feel that a picture of me could be found next to the word “cynic” in a dictionary, but this week a Christmas (or “Holiday” if you prefer) miracle actually happened to me. As a result, the veil of cynicism that I walk around wearing may have actually lifted a bit. Perhaps “miracle” is... Read more »

Hanukkah vs. Christmas: It's No Contest

My mother who is my source for all things Jewish would not be happy with the fact that I am comparing Hanukkah to Christmas nor would she appreciate the fact that my contest has a clear winner. Christmas beats Hanukkah by a long shot. There are a number of reasons that Christmas is the winning... Read more »

A Letter to George McCaskey: Please Sell the Bears

Dear George McCaskey: As the person who leads the Chicago Bears and the family that owns the sports franchise that touts itself as the most popular team in Chicago, I implore you, please sell the Bears. I ask you this after watching your employees miserably plod their way through the workdays that we, as fans,... Read more »

How Would You Like to be Fired?

An incident that occurred last week on Chicago radio poses a larger question that goes beyond the volatile nature of radio and media — how would you like to be fired? This past Thurday, a number of employees of sports radio station The Game, FM 87.7, found out that they were fired while on the... Read more »