Drinking Red Wine Every Night Is Good For You So Why Should I Stop Now!

I rise very early in the morning, 5:00 a.m. to be exact, have my hazelnut coffee, check my computer, shower and get dressed, leave at 6:45,  drive to the train, park my car in the garage,  hop on board the tuna can, then walk an additional fifteen minutes to work, arrive before 8:00 a.m.,  spend... Read more »

A Little Star Is Shining Brightly in the Sky Tonight!

Look in the sky tonight, and shining every so brightly you will see a little star beaming it’s light towards earth. . . This little star can be seen by the naked eye only once a year around this time, but it is takes it place amongst the stars and will be there for eternity.... Read more »

Chicken & Bananas

It’s a chilly Saturday afternoon and as usual, I was at Panera Bread in Evanston, enjoying my weekly ritual of a toasted sesame seed bagle with four pats of butter and a steaming hot cup of hazelnut coffee.  Yum!  It doesn’t take much to make me happy.  Panera Bread in Evanston is usually a noisy... Read more »

Thoughts for the New Year!

Holiday Greetings to everyone! It has been over two weeks since I posted because of the tragic loss of my beautiful mother.  She was very sick, her body raveged by cancer, a broken hip, a blood on the brain, etc… but her mind was as sharp as a tack. She wanted to leave this earth... Read more »

Can We Please Have A No Trump Day, Please!

I can’t even utter the name Donald Trump, and here I am writing about him.  Every morning when I log onto Google, the lead story  is another mis-adventure of the Donald.  Even the ‘liberal’ news shows I watch spend all of their time reporting on him, (yuck, I can’t say his name anymore).  You would... Read more »

Hat Head!

Well ladies and gentlemen,  while according to the calendar, it is not officially winter, ’tis the season of Hat Head!  You all know what I am talking about.  You spend most of your morning or for some like me with tons of hair, the night before, mousseing (is that a word), gelling, whatever gooey product... Read more »

It's The Little Things I Am Thankful For.

Happy after Thanksgiving Day to everyone I forgot to wish Happy Thanksgiving to yesterday.  I was too busy thinking about how much food I was going to stuff down my throat and how much wine I was going to drink.  TG is my favorite food holiday and I always make sure that I gorge myself... Read more »

I Had to Say Something...

Hello,  welcome to my blog!  This is my first posting and while I wanted to talk about the silly things that go on in my life everyday, I wanted to write down my thoughts about the incidents of the past few days. I am saddened, confused, angry, sickened  yet again by the senseless slaughter of... Read more »