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Film festival and fashion film contest season begins in Chicago

Film is ‘reeling’ in Chicago! There is such wonderful creative energy in the air. There are festivals and contests to enter and films to create and submit.  Sandwiched between the two coastal giants – and not to be outdone – are The Chicago International Film Festival and The Fashion Market’s Annual Fashion Video Competition. This... Read more »

Chicago Spring Fashion Week Runway Shows have something for everyone

The Fashion Market’s Spring Fashion Week Event featured a variety of designers with offerings that will easily spirit you and your wardrobe right through the cool temps of Chicago spring, into the sultry climes of summertime Chi and right into the crisp conditions of fall. Jewelry by Rossi Cole and handbags from Sandoval Accessories coupled with... Read more »

Juicy Lucy Sangria and the Season of Love

Juicy Lucy Sangria and the Season of Love
February ushers in the season for love. It begins on February 14 and continues through spring; ending when overtaken by wedding season in June. To really engage in and appreciate the spirit of this season, it is important to become familiar with some of its hallmarks. A few of the distinctive features include sending flowers,... Read more »

Cobra Corn: Chicago's exotic new flavor!

Let’s talk about popcorn. It’s true. Chicagoans know gourmet popcorn — whether it’s the caramel, cheese, nut-clustered, or buttery flavored brands whose fragrances waft through downtown and the loop like the pied-piper, captivating and hypnotizing our senses!   We love it!  Thank goodness we are not forced to go through our days without it. But what... Read more »