Fashion Film Festival Chicago Announces 2016 Winners

Fashion Film Festival Chicago Announces 2016 Winners

Last night, the Fashion Film Festival Chicago announced the winning entries from its 2016 Festival and Competition. The Festival and screening took place at a private Chicago Fashion Week event held last evening. The honorees are as follows:

First place - Coupe d'Or - went to ‘IIMUAHII Couture Fashion Film’ produced by the New York based production team, Genius Orbit Production Inc. The fashion film showcases the 'other worldly' creations of San Francisco based designer, Elena Slivnyak's IIMUAHII Couture.

Second place - Médaille d'Argent - went to ‘Miasma’, a fashion film by Scott Fretwell. According to Fretwell, “Miasma is a short experimental fashion film for a startup Toronto based brand, Graffiti Apparel. The film is highly visual and draws on the concept of emergence and transformation within the fashion industry. This concept is driven by the idea behind the Miasma line that is made from recycled and organic materials.”

Third place - Médaille de Bronze - went to ‘Ominous’, a fashion film by German filmmaker, Nico Meyer-Brenkhof.  Meyer-Brenkhof, shares the dark mood which inspired his winning selection: “We witness a decayed world, feeling the mood of conversion, while standing in the starting gates. The transformation is a promise to the future, presented in a rustic environment; walking through dystopia in the shape of tomorrow. A new civilization is born.”

The Moda Conscienza - Documentary Award - went to Anne Murat and David Bart’s ‘Fire, Water, Air’. According to the filmmakers, “This art film portrays Ysabel de Maisonneuve, a sensitive creator and poet, for whom handicraft is primarily a spiritual art. She worked for theater masters like Peter Brook, Yoishi Oida or Ariane Mnouchkine as well as world fashion designers.
She delivers her expertise and inspiration in her personal creations, from Japan to the Atlantic Ocean, revealing materials and colours, forging textile to create connections, and a sense of beauty.”

The Best Narrative Award went to Valentina Leotta’s ‘The Good Italian II - The Prince goes to Milan’. According to Leotta, the film’s goal is to celebrate the best that Italy has to offer, from its fine cars and world-class fashion to its enviable cuisine. This is a nod to “the refined pleasure offered by the Italian lifestyle, that the whole world seeks and envies”.

The Fashion Honor awards went to Borja Alvarez Ramirez’s ‘The Dress Crisis’ and Victor Claramunt’s ‘Breaking Rules’. According to Claramunt, “Rules are necessary for the development of a society, if they did not exist we'd miss the pleasure of breaking them.”

This year’s category winners include: Dean Alexander’s ‘Georgetown Optician ‘Our Family Knows Glasses’’ which received the award for “Best Accessory”; Paco Peregrín’s ‘Efímera (Ephemeral)’ received the “Artistry” award; Neli Mitewa’s ‘XXSOFIA’ was awarded “Best Experimental” film; Nico Meyer-Brenkhof’s ‘Exitus’ received the award for best “Visionary” filmmaking, and the award for best “Creative Concept” went to Boldizsar CR for ‘The Three Housewives'. The Audience Choice Award was shared by Borja Alvarez Ramirez for ‘Ursula’s Secrets’ and Marie Schuller's ‘Three Women Arrive’.

Fashion film is a rapidly developing category of filmmaking. Emerging and established designers and filmmakers creatively cooperate to produce dream-like, experimental, dramatic, edgy, beautiful or deeply inspiring film. It is a short form that carries enormous impact and enthusiasm.

The Fashion Film Festival Chicago (FFFC) is an annual festival and competition which aims to celebrate the beauty and art of fashion as captured through the filmmakers' lens. Fashion Film Festival Chicago accepts submissions from August 1st through June 1st each year, after-which the selection committee and jury view and vote for stand-outs from among the healthy group of submissions. Visit the Fashion Film Festival Chicago website for more information on the annual festival.

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