Film festival and fashion film contest season begins in Chicago

Film is 'reeling' in Chicago! There is such wonderful creative energy in the air. There are festivals and contests to enter and films to create and submit.  Sandwiched between the two coastal giants - and not to be outdone - are The Chicago International Film Festival and The Fashion Market's Annual Fashion Video Competition.

Chicago International Film Festival

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Chicago International Film Festival. The festival began with the simple goal of "introduc[ing] Chicago and the world to new filmmakers, new stories and new points of view." Fifty years later the Festival has the distinction of having shown world-class directors like Peter Weir and Martin Scorsese and occupying a well respected position among international film festivals. The growth and popularity of the Festival has not derailed the CIFF from their original mission. According to the Festival website, last year they showed "…over 40 films by first-time filmmakers. It's important … that we're always learning, always seeing the world in a new way." The CIFF is presently accepting entries for this year's festival which will take place October 9-23, 2014.


With a similar vision, The Fashion Market's (TFM) Annual Fashion Video Competition is also accepting entries for its fashion film contest. According to TFM, "the purpose of this contest is to celebrate and promote the growing genre of fashion film." The competition welcomes filmmakers' and videographers' submissions from around the globe. "Every year, emerging videographers will have the chance to share their vision on any theme as it relates to the fashion industry." The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2014.


Grow Into The Brand by Sophia Bruza

Grow Into The Brand by Sophia Bruza

Visit the websites of both organizations for registration information, submission guidelines and prizes.

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