Nelissa Carrillo: A visionary filter in the artistic evolution of fashion design

Nelissa Carrillo: A visionary filter in the artistic evolution of fashion design
Peter Gubernat Photography, model:Yana German

The art of fashion design, as is the case with all art, provides us with wonderful opportunities to expand our understanding of ourselves. Fashion design also expands our understanding of form, color, texture and their effects upon our senses. In combination, these factors play a significant role in the evolution of our species by lifting us all to a higher spiritual and cultural level. This is no small endeavor, and only few among us are suited to the task. Thankfully there are visionary designers in our midst who act as passionate servants and guides to lead us along this evolutionary path.

Chicago’s Nelissa Carrillo, a self-proclaimed, luxury prêt-à-porter and couture designer, is one among this league of visionary designers whose goal is to connect with the inner and outer consciousness of humanity through her art.

While many designers are sensitive to the fact that they create ‘wearable art’, Carrillo goes a step further and seeks to reach into the psyche -- the inner, partly hidden, mostly disguised layers of the self -- and enliven, vivify the subjective consciousness of the individual and the collective.

In much the same way that many designers find, develop, and produce the creative products that shape our consciousness and transform our image of beauty, Carrillo channels energies from many sources.  Upon closer examination though, we see that she goes a bit further. A glimpse into Carrillo’s inner world can be had by visiting her website, Facebook, or YouTube pages, where one will undoubtedly bump into inspirational works of art from the likes of Veronica Beard, Zac Posen, Chela, The Stills, and The Mamas & the Papas -- a seemingly unlikely cast of characters, but all of whom act as influences upon the young designer.

Carrillo then pushes these influences through her visionary ‘black box’ system and thereby harnesses a unique perspective from each, producing a unique vision. Her vision is reconfigured and expanded, in some instances through film or in others through painting, and then finally synthesized into the artifacts that form her prêt-à-porter or couture collection each season.

A look at her recent film, ONYX, reveals a bit of the creative and inspirational materials -- music, environment, color, fabric -- that pass through the designer’s consciousness and serve to lift us up. According to Carrillo, a central theme at the heart of her work is in "redefining beauty as wearable art and letting the materials guide the vision".

The fantastic products that result from this processing of energies are a gift to us. They also serve as opportunities for us to become more; to connect with our consciousness as individuals and with the collective consciousness of our world at large.

Your opportunity to connect with Carrillo’s most recent collection may be had next month in Chicago at The Fashion Market’s Fashion Week runway event.


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