Spring forward in Purple and Lime

Spring forward in Purple and Lime

Spring is here and it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe by adding a bit of color, flair, or amusement. A must-have, one-of-a-kind and inexpensive fashion line to help you take your colorful step forward is Rebecca George’s Purple and Lime.

Purple and Lime is a unique, eco-friendly women's wear and accessory line designed by Rebecca George. Based here in Chicago, the line features fabulous separates and fun statement pieces which emphasize color, texture and material. George sources a wide range of materials for her creations including faux furs, sensuous wools, cotton jerseys, and heartwarming eco-friendly felts. Her playful accessories are created from polymer clays, Swarovski crystals, and laser-cut acrylics. George creates a bevy of hair-ornaments, brooches, and bracelets that burst with ‘playful winks and nods to the beaming ephemera so often associated with youthfulness’. She makes wood-grain textured wristlets trimmed with large felted flowers, earrings borne from long strands of trendy chains that hang with carefree whimsy and mixed-media necklaces of gold lock chains that explode, at their zenith, in vibrant faux purple haze!

‘My niche is catering to women who love fun and color. I have heard from many of my customers that my work has a sense of humor, and that makes sense as I value humor in regular life,’ says George.

Purple and Lime’s designs are inspired too a large degree by the fact that George is from Ohio of Native-American heritage, studied geology and art history at The University of Michigan and then earned her degree in fashion design and marketing at the American Intercontinental University in London, England. That said, the origin of the line’s name comes from a time that predates the designer herself. According to George, ‘Fuchsia purple and lime green were the colors I used in my senior collection at fashion school in London.  It was based on Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots, [] those colors were my modern interpretation of the traditional royal purple and gold.’

Although Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots were cousins who perhaps would not have been comfortable with the idea of sitting along side each other in creative collaboration, the inspiration from the two provokes so much creativity in Purple and Lime. Rebecca George’s line fuses these inspirations and then allows us to wander with her through a variety of themes, including wildlife, nature, Surrealist art, as well as a number of culinary motifs.  To brighten up your wardrobe with some Purple and Lime, look online at:

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Or stop in and visit with Rebecca at The Fashion Market’s Spring Event on April 21, in Chicago’s loop neighborhood.

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