Cobra Corn: Chicago's exotic new flavor!

Let’s talk about popcorn.

It’s true. Chicagoans know gourmet popcorn -- whether it's the caramel, cheese, nut-clustered, or buttery flavored brands whose fragrances waft through downtown and the loop like the pied-piper, captivating and hypnotizing our senses!   We love it!  Thank goodness we are not forced to go through our days without it. But what to do when we leave downtown at the end of the day? Or on the weekends? Well, not to fear.  There is an exotic brand of popcorn to the rescue: Cobra Corn.

Cobra Corn is produced here in the Chicago area by Mihir Shah.  He makes it from a unique blend of Indian spices, creating a one-of-a-kind flavor that is both addictive and delicious.  Both bold and distinctive. Both mouthwatering and delectable. Cobra Corn seduces you to eat your way to the bottom of the bag without guilt. It is made with no trans fats, no preservatives or chemical additives, no artificial colors or flavors.  No MSG. No cholesterol.  The perfect snack!

I was at a social event when I first tasted Cobra Corn and met Mihir.  Before realizing that he was responsible for this delicious popcorn, I kept excusing myself from our conversation to find more Cobra Corn.  Although Mihir is the producer of this tasty snack, it is actually  his mother's recipe.  While I ate, he shared the story of his mom sending 'popcorn care packages'  to him at college and how his roommates would routinely intercept the packages, and devour the contents before he could get a taste.  Can't say that I blame them.  I love it. One taste and you'll love it too.  It differs from anything you’ve had before.  You really get the sense that it is light and healthy while being really delicious. It truly is a taste sensation!

Your opportunity to taste this new sensation is taking place at various locations throughout the area.  This week Cobra Corn can be found at select Whole Food locations.  Visit Cobra Corn on Facebook for tasting opportunities.

Or stop in to your neighborhood grocer.  Cobra Corn can be found in many of our neighborhood grocery stores in Chicago as well as in the suburbs --  as far north as Skokie and as far west as Naperville. Check his website for new locations.


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