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CBS 2 Uses Weeknight Staff For Grammys

I had to check my calendar  tonight when I watched CBS 2 Chicago News at 10. Not only did it air at 10:30 p.m. but the weeknight lineup of anchors Rob Johnson, Kate Sullivan and Ryan Baker was used instead of the weekend duo of Mai Martinez and Jim Williams. [Martinez was shifted from anchor... Read more »

Channel 2 Finds Scoop On ChicagoNow

As I’ve blogged about before, WBBM-TV (Channel 2) news director Jeff Kiernan encourages “enterprise journalism” with his reporters. He wants to find unique stories and present them in a strategic way. Sometimes it works when you see a story on a  syndicated video website like Worldstarhiphop or Dimewars. Other times, the stories may go unnoticed.... Read more »

Life After TV News (Part 2)

From what I’ve seen and heard the past few years, TV news in Chicago is a dog-eat-dog industry. People complain about not being able to get jobs as reporters and producers. But they just don’t know about all of the backroom backstabbing and water cooler whispering that can lead to surprise pink slips. Most anchors... Read more »

Obama's Birthday Critics

It’s safe to say Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper and Channel 2’s Walter Jacobson weren’t invited to President Obama’s birthday bash at the Aragon Ballroom last Wednesday. The two did everything but wish the man a Happy Birthday yesterday when they presented editorials questioning his celebrations. It made me wonder if folks could have said the... Read more »

Crisis Management at Channel 2

WBBM-TV (CBS 2 Chicago) is continuing to “feel the heat” after a controversial video from a June broadcast went viral this weekend. In the video, a 4 year old boy is interviewed about violence in his neighborhood and taken out of context  when he says “I’m gon’ have me a gun.” Now, the station is... Read more »

Channel 2 Tries Something New

CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM-TV) might be having ratings problems, but the station nevers stops trying promotion ideas. Earlier this year, I participated in the station’s wildly popular (and somewhat controversial) Traffic Tryout competition. I was one of 68 semi-finalists chosen from a pool of nearly 700 and my day at the station was good. But... Read more »