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WVON's Talent Shuffle

Johnny “Koolout” Starks is leaving WVON-AM (1690) after 3 years but he will still be there in spirit. (Just not physically) That’s because he will air his popular “Kool Out Radio” show from New Bern, North Carolina– where his new full-time gig is. According to Larz at Chicagoland Radio and Media, Starks will be the... Read more »

Chicago Radio Needs Urban Comedy

Everybody’s got an opinion, but folks might not want to hear it. That’s one of the reasons why talk radio is not as appealing to me as news. Between the hosts and call-in guests speaking entirely too long, it seems like talk formats become gripe sessions. It’s okay to share your views but please keep... Read more »

Chicago's Need for FM Talk

When you think about talk radio in Chicago, the AM frequency usually comes to mind. It’s been said (and written) that news and talk saved AM radio. Music sounds awful on stations like Inspiration 1390 AM and would be a better fit on the FM dial. But it would behoove us to see how much... Read more »

McAllister Out at WVON

The old saying is that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Well, that’s how WVON (1690 AM) obviously interpreted the recent actions of now departed commentator Lenny McAllister. According to his Facebook page, he left the station yesterday. Being the investigator that I am, I immediately started looking for the real story behind... Read more »