Did Rahm Really Shock The Media?


Few things take Chicago's journalism community by surprise; the only things reporters can't predict are natural disasters and acts of violence. To their surprise, Rahm had an announcement and no one saw it coming. (He's not running for re-election in 2019.)


When I was a kid, Michael Sneed from The Chicago Sun-Times always had the scoop. She would report on upcoming moves in City Hall--even before the insiders knew. But this ain't the 1990s anymore. Ms. Sneed and her Chicago media colleagues have run out of friends on the 4th floor. If Rahm is going out in disgrace, he's going to do it his way. It's almost like a real-life episode of "House of Cards" (minus the real-life Kevin Spacey foolishness). Rahm's "silent partner", Ms. Amy Rule (pictured above) is more influential than one might think. She is probably the only person who can give a scoop to reporters from this day forward. Unlike the gospel song of the same title, there isn't a "leak in this old building".

While Val Warner ("Windy City Live") focused on interviewing Tiffany Van Dyke, the  Frank and Claire Underwood First Couple of Chicago was trying to save their reputations with a sneak attack. If the reporters knew, they did a great job acting surprised. Rahm's poker face is all he has left to leave office with any dignity. Resignation is out of the question for now. It would throw the city's equilibrium off. But one thing should never surprise any Chicagoan: the Democratic Machine will be choosing our next mayor. Out with one Rahm and in with another.

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