Channel 2 Finds Scoop On ChicagoNow

As I've blogged about before, WBBM-TV (Channel 2) news director Jeff Kiernan encourages "enterprise journalism" with his reporters. He wants to find unique stories and present them in a strategic way. Sometimes it works when you see a story on a  syndicated video website like Worldstarhiphop or Dimewars. Other times, the stories may go unnoticed.

One cool story idea that Channel 2 reporter Pam Jones found was right here on ChicagoNow. It was based on a blog posted by Christina Rodriguez of Living With Diabetes. Rodriguez wrote about an offensive poster that was displayed in the Thompson Center promoting a now-canceled event at Governor Quinn's office. She got a lot of positive feedback in such a short time and eventually  Jones contacted her.

(I had problems embedding on here. So, the link is below.)

I think it's great. This is what I want to see more of by ALL news stations and not just Channel 2. If you are not monitoring what folks are talking about online and turning that into a relevant news story--you won't maintain a strong following.

Good luck to Channel 2. This strategy appears to be working. :)


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  • I think it's great. It shows how the efforts of all the Chicagonow blogger and staff have made the "mainstream" media take notice.

    Great job!

  • I think it is garbage. Maybe a blog is a source of a news tip (like the old phone number, such as 312-CBS-NEWS), but if the news is relying on it, is just laziness.

    In fact, looking at the video, saying stuff like "Nicaraguans don't eat tacos" doesn't seem to prove anything to me. Is the point that sellers of Mexican food can only use pictures of Rick Bayless on their advertising (if they pay him for the rights)? Or tacos are not Mexican food, and there should have been a picture of Tina Nordstrom selling gravlax or Jorge Juaquin Bush selling pork rinds?

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