Lenny McAllister Finds A New Home

Just one month ago, media personality Lenny McAllister "parted ways" with WVON radio after he told folks to boycott McDonalds on the South Side of Chicago. He learned the hard way that the only person allowed to "keep it real" on 1690 is Al Sharpton--whose syndicated show is broadcast weekdays. But his gift has now made room for him before great men. In less than 3 weeks, he will become a host  of an Internet radio show: "Get Right With Lenny McAllister" on GlobalNewsForum.com .

Global News Forum's program director Lamont Watts knows good radio when he hears it. He's the CEO of Future Vision Entertainment which also operates clubsteppin.com, as well as Global News Forum. It seems like Mr. Watts saw potential for growth and "helped a brotha out." [For the purpose of full disclosure, I know both men in question but I was unaware of this arrangement and rightfully so.] It's really none of my business because this is not a gossip blog. My only job is to offer an informed opinion about Chicago media and not try to scoop my fellow media bloggers and columnists like Feder and Larz. I've been told by quite a few folks that I'll never be on their level and that's cool. I don't need a press release to know what's going on at a TV or radio station.

My hope and prayer is that Lenny starts off on the right foot. The sales department at Future Vision already has to explain his "parting of ways" from WVON to potential clients. In that case, I would focus on the future ahead of Lenny and not his past. There are way too many folks in media who made mistakes and still got hired to work in this city. Why should he be any different?

I just didn't know that I would be featured in his latest ad. LOL! (0:47) [I have my own YouTube news show called 2City News and I took a group photo with him after an interview last month.]

Lenny comes back to radio on October 3. Stay tuned.


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  • Of course, the question is whether "an Internet radio show" pays like having a contract with a radio station (even in the case of Steve Dahl, who charges for podcasts)?

    Mike North and his buddies all thought so, but it turned out that was financed by someone engaged in a Ponzi scheme. None of them is back at The Score, although all seem to be employed in various lesser ventures.

  • You wrote: "I've been told by quite a few folks that I'll never be on their level and that's cool." I don't believe that for a minute and sure don't agree with what those folks said. Don't ever listen to people who say you can't do something! Keep up the great work, Mr. Isaacs!

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