Chicago's Best Anchor Pairs

I was just watching Linda Yu and Sylvia Perez this morning and realized why Channel 7 has been on top since March of 1986. They do a decent job at choosing people who will have good chemistry together. In my opinion, I think that really makes the difference between a good newscast and one that you regret watching.

Here are some other pairs that I find quite competent:

Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten (Channel 9 Morning News)

I like starting off my morning on a light note. And WGN-TV knows exactly how to keep audiences laughing. While some of the humor is sophomoric, the entire morning show team finds a way to make folks forget about their problems for a few minutes.

Robin and Larry aren't all jokes, however. They know how to be serious sometimes, but they aren't so serious all of the time. If the anchors are too stiff, I'm changing the channel.

Ron Magers and Cheryl Burton (Channel 7 News at 5)

The 5 p.m. news hour wouldn't be the same without Ron and Cheryl. They are not as funny as Larry and Robin, but they bring a sense of credibility to the table. They keep the ad-libs on topic and don't resort to cheesy attempts at humor.  [Somebody already tried that on this blog and it was disastrous]

Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson (Channel 2 News at 6)

I grew up watching these two journalists. While I feel that more needs to be done to groom younger talent, I understand why they came back. You have to know your target audience and there are Chicagoans who want an old-school format of news. I think Bill Kurtis does a good job with his ad-libs because he seems more sincere than most anchors at other stations.

Sure, they have teleprompter gaffes. I've watched many nights wishing they had tried the Ron Burgundy exercise of "Unique, New York" to warm up their voices before going on air.

But they get the job done.

Allison Rosati and Rob Stafford (Channel 5 News at 10)

Since the Jay Leno experiment last year, things have been rough at WMAQ-TV. But I think Rosati and Stafford have held it together pretty well. I'll be honest and say that I watch Channel 2 at 10 p.m. more than Channel 5. But I think the "peacock" wins this round against "the eye". Rob and Kate are great, but they have not developed their chemistry just yet.

Feel free to leave your opinions about your favorite anchor pairs...


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  • Although they were engaged in extracurricular activities, I liked Bob Sirott's and Marianne Murciano's publicity campaign of "watch us or we'll be fired." Which they were.

    Supposedly, Jackie Bange gets along with Robert Jordan, off screen, but also supposedly she sat out a while to try to get a 9 or 10 p.m. slot. However, one opened up at 9 and she didn't get it. Too busy with her children?

    Ron and Cheryl are good.

  • I think the best team ever, and that includes the classic Channel 7 News Team of Joel Daly, Fahey Flynn, John Coleman (and I forget the sports dude) was the morning team for Channel 2 for a short glorious while of Rosanne, Randy (RIP), Susan and Ed. Now that was something special!

  • In reply to B K Ray:

    Sportscaster was Bill Frink (obit).

    That was the first "happy talk" format in Chicago, compared to the dour delivery of Floyd Kalber, then on 5.

    Of course, Fahey Flynn is better known for teaming up with meteorologist P.J. Hoff on 2, but there certainly wasn't any chemistry there.

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