Saving Empehi: When The Headlines Hit Home

The best and brightest come from Morgan Park High School on Chicago’s South Side, including yours truly. We call it “Empehi” (MP High) and we have athletic and academic rivalries with our fellow Vincennes Avenue neighbors Julian and Simeon.  Yet, recent headlines would cause many to believe there’s a battle within. Last Wednesday, a 16-year-old student set... Read more »

Windy City Live Has More "Faith" In Season 8

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about “Windy City Live” is the platform they provide for faith-based communities. It’s one of the few talk shows (locally and nationally) that features gospel choirs, ministers, and spiritual gurus. Co-host Val Warner frequently uses church sayings like “Won’t He Do It?” or “Take us to church!” with guests like Jenifer Lewis, Darlene Hill,... Read more »

Chance The Rapper Creates A Media Empire

The Chicago media has a love-hate relationship with Chance The Rapper. When he donated millions to the public schools, they showered him with praise; a few days later, they portrayed him as a deadbeat. Now, the 25-year-old entertainment phenom is taking control of his narrative (and the stories of others) by acquiring Chicagoist. While some have criticized... Read more »
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Alden Loury Uncovers Chicago's HR Nightmare

There’s a story in the news that Rahm doesn’t want you to see. Just 7 months before the next election, he’s trying to regain support of the African-American “community”. To the mayor’s chagrin, the latest report from journalist-turned-demographer Alden Loury could deflate that momentum. According to Loury, African-Americans in Chicago are not gaining jobs downtown... Read more »

Justice For Snoop: When Racism & Journalism Intersect

One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. For French citizens, July 14 was a celebration of independence; for friends of Harith “Snoop” Augustus, it was a day of tragedy. The 37-year-old devoted father and beloved barber was fatally shot Saturday by a Chicago police officer in the city’s South Shore neighborhood. You already know what happened next: protests... Read more »

ABC7 Chicago's Big Win For Women & Diversity

The glass ceiling at ABC 7 Chicago has been broken some more. Today, the station announced that three popular female anchors would be promoted to new positions: Cheryl Burton, Judy Hsu, and Tanja Babich. As veteran anchor Kathy Brock prepares for her last day on air, ABC 7 Chicago’s management is working to ensure a smooth transition of talent.... Read more »

CBS 2 Uses Weeknight Staff For Grammys

I had to check my calendar  tonight when I watched CBS 2 Chicago News at 10. Not only did it air at 10:30 p.m. but the weeknight lineup of anchors Rob Johnson, Kate Sullivan and Ryan Baker was used instead of the weekend duo of Mai Martinez and Jim Williams. [Martinez was shifted from anchor... Read more »

Did Santita Jackson Outgrow WVON?

For the past 6 weeks, listeners of the highly popular Santita Jackson Show on WVON (1690-AM) have heard just about every voice but hers. But the real story behind her hiatus has multiple versions. Media columnist Rob Feder reported on Tuesday that she left the station. (It’s mentioned in the second news item.)  However, WVON... Read more »

WVON's Talent Shuffle

Johnny “Koolout” Starks is leaving WVON-AM (1690) after 3 years but he will still be there in spirit. (Just not physically) That’s because he will air his popular “Kool Out Radio” show from New Bern, North Carolina– where his new full-time gig is. According to Larz at Chicagoland Radio and Media, Starks will be the... Read more »

Chicago Defender Honors Young Leaders

Media rankings come a dime a dozen. (“30 under 30”, “40 under 40”, or “12 to watch in ’12”) And every news organization–just like every human being– has a different opinion about “Who’s Who.” But I really applaud what Chicago Defender managing editor Kathy Chaney has done with the paper’s first ever “40 under 40”... Read more »