Alleged Bike Thief in Old Irving Park


Courtesy of the Old Irving Park Association,

Courtesy of the Old Irving Park Association,

Cyclists in Old Irving Park neighborhood should take extra care to lock up their bikes, as an alleged thief seems to be active in the area. Locals report that someone has been breaking into garages and stealing bicycles.

The good folks at the Old Irving Park Association, as well as Patty Wetli at DNAInfo Chicago, recently shared webcam photos of the alleged thief. The fellow sports a shaved head, wears a gray hoodie and a gold cross and carries a rather "distinctive" yellow and blue backpack, making me wonder how clever he can really be: After all, while a gray hoodie is generic enough, why would a thief make himself stand out with a colorful backpack? He does understand that webcams are easily available now, right?


If you know who he is or spot him around, call the police. Meanwhile, take extra care to secure your garage and your bicycle. Updates as I get them.

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