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DIY Cheat Sheet for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is typically thought of as an occasion for exchanging flowers, cards, candy and or chocolates. For some it is a night spent enjoying romantic dinners, all in order to capture the hearts of one’s intended. For others it’s just another day so why make a big deal about it. What I’ve learned as... Read more »

What Makes His, Hers and Ours Candles So Addictive?

Making Love Better TwoGether has launched an exclusive set of His, Hers & Ours sensual soy candles. As a relationship educator I’ve found that while it’s easy to fall in love it can be sometimes challenging to stay there. Once you factor in the job, the mortgage, chores and possibly kids you have your hands full and... Read more »

You Are Beautiful!

You are BEAUTIFUL! Let me say it again… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Just the way you are! There comes a time and a place where we must stop letting society, social media, magazines and other things, define what is inevitable! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.   Flaws and all you are princesses and queens and we must understand... Read more »

Who’s Loving You?

There will come a time when you have to let love in! Why you may ask? You may even say I’ve been fine without it all this time. Well as my mother often says “Keep on a Living”.   If you’ve done any of that living, experienced a heartache, hardship, health scare, maybe you were... Read more »

Mind Your Own Business...

Don’t discount the wisdom of your elders and the advice that they’ve given about Minding Your OWN Business when it comes to relationships. Lately the need to vent, express your feelings and put it all out there has played out in social media with pics, screenshots and emails to match. The problem with that is... Read more »