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DIY Cheat Sheet for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is typically thought of as an occasion for exchanging flowers, cards, candy and or chocolates. For some it is a night spent enjoying romantic dinners, all in order to capture the hearts of one’s intended. For others it’s just another day so why make a big deal about it. What I’ve learned as... Read more »

The Lessons of Extraordinary Love and Extraordinary Loss--By a Guy

As a Relationship Educator I am blessed to encounter many amazing conversations about love, life and the pursuit of happiness. Today I am honored to share one man’s (Maybe many men) perspective on his love lessons learned, extraordinary and extraordinary loss. “Unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of time. There are... Read more »

Love Lessons Learned from Love Jones

Love Lessons Learned from Darius Lovehall & Nina Mosely… There’s something about the classic movie “Love Jones” that I simply cannot resist. Yes I have my own copy and the soundtrack, but it is without fail that whenever it’s on television, I break out the popcorn and my notebook. Let’s just say that I have... Read more »