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DIY Cheat Sheet for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is typically thought of as an occasion for exchanging flowers, cards, candy and or chocolates. For some it is a night spent enjoying romantic dinners, all in order to capture the hearts of one’s intended. For others it’s just another day so why make a big deal about it. What I’ve learned as... Read more »

Amazingly Awesome and Sexy Benefits to Marriage

WE always hear about all of the negative things that go on in relationships and marriages. As a relationship educator I’m always trying to point out the positives of being in healthy relationships. Yesterday we took to Making Love Better TwoGether’s facebook page to ask couples an “Intimate Discussion” question of the day… “What are... Read more »

A Good Woman, A Better Man

A Good Woman, A Better Man
There’s a rumor going around that it’s not cool to be in a relationship. No one wants to be in committed relationships because we only hear from the couples that are miserable in them. Reality and television shows celebrate the drama, infidelity, side chicks  and chaos in relationships because let’s face it…Drama and chaos sells.... Read more »

"One year down. One million more to go"

Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Whitted Last year this beautiful couple got married. What a beautiful ceremony it was. Their story is indeed a love story. At least it is to me. I’m a sucker for love and romance. You see they were separated by six degrees, and met somewhere in between. In the middle... Read more »