“Intimate Discussions” is a blog, interviews and a series of live co-ed conversations hosted by Yanni Brown. In them we discuss Love, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our goal is to create better conversations and solutions in our efforts of Making Love Better TwoGether.

It is in "Intimate Discussions" that we can and will we ask the difficult questions “Should women act like a man and think like a lady? Are we becoming the men that we want to date? What is your relationship I.Q.?” and more….

In 2006, I noticed a serious disconnect when it came to how men and women related to one another when it came to relationships. The divorce rate was soaring past the 50% mark and it left Yanni feeling very unsettled.

I thought to myself that if we could have a conversation about the issues that relationships experienced it would bring those issues to the forefront and we could tackle them twogether. It became a mission and my dream to host a co-ed discussion based on solutions, personal growth and getting to a place of healthier relationships.

The rules are simple: You could be single, engaged, married, divorced, kickin-it-with-friends or just curious. All we asked is that you join us with an open mind be willing to read and listen to others' opinions and ready to engage in the conversation, enjoy and learn from each other.