FeathermassagefullTOUCH HER THERE... YES THERE!  7 Tips FOR HIM to Become a More Attentive Lover

Have you ever wondered why she’s not stimulated, overheated, turned on or wet? Well it’s because she hasn’t been stimulated, overheated or turned on to get wet. I’ve heard, maybe I said it myself “You’re only as great as your last lover.” Meaning, if your last lover never asked more of you, shared more with you or shared with you how to touch her there, then most likely you’ve been going though life thinking that you were the ish! For those of you who are selfless lovers and you are willing to please your woman from head to toe with before play, during play and the bonus of after play cuddling this blog is NOT for you. For those of you who like to get on, get in and get out I’d love to share a few ways for you to touch her in a way that she’d love to hear. I’m talking whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

Truth be told, although most will not admit it, we as women will forgo our orgasm in the name of love. NOW that doesn’t mean that we plan to, want to or are willing to do it again and again. But we will because we love you. HOWEVER no woman should ever be denied the pleasure that she so freely gives to you! You see for her, touching her begins with your foreplay. Foreplay can be a good morning baby, I was just thinking of you text. When he sends her flowers for no reason at all that’s also foreplay. Surprising her with having dinner ready, laundry done, and or a bubble bath waiting is all great foreplay and that’s without physically touching her. See we as women are turned on by your effort, thought, care and concern. AND Yes we need to be touched too!
I can’t speak for all women but we definitely like to kissed, everywhere. Our neck, our back… Well you know the rest. Here are some of HER erogenous zones that she will truly appreciate if you just spent a little time touching, kissing, nibbling, and or licking her there, yesssss there!

1.       The Nape of her Neck- This is a super sensual spot. Please do kiss, caress and nibble in this area because it is packed with delicate nerve endings that will make her shiver all over.

2.       Her Breasts and Nipples- Caressing, nibbling and kissing her breasts and nipples releases the feel good oxytocin chemical. For some women it’s important to take your time in this area. Make sure that you check with her to ensure that you are applying the right pressure. You don’t want to be too rough, but rough enough if needed!

3.       Her Ears- Well almost everyone ear’s are sensitive.  Tell her how much you want her, how much you appreciate her, talk dirty, say something sexy, gently kiss the ear lobe while breathing warm breath on her ears. While you’re there feel free to extend to her neck with gentle kisses and not too hard and soft nibbles.

4.       Her Inner Thigh- Nerves, nerves and more nerves here to tease, tingle, kiss and nibble. For added pleasure try an ice cube to trace up and down each thigh followed by your warm tongue.

5.       Her Lower Back- Not only is this a sensitive sensual spot for her, it can also help her relax her pelvis to make the intimacy even better. So yes by all means give your mate a massage just above her buttocks/the base of her spine.

6.       Her Lips- There’s something magical that happens when you kiss passionately and sensually. Make love to her lips and her body will react accordingly.

7.       Last but certainly not least Her Clitoris- THE MOST SENSITIVE erogenous zone on her body.  You have a couple different options here. You can use feather light touches and gradually build to a soft circular motion increasing the friction as the anticipation increases. This can be done with a feather, fingers and or your tongue.

Gentlemen, please know that a selfless lover does ALL THAT he can to ensure that his mate is thoroughly satisfied, and in doing so her body will definitely be stimulated, overheated, turned on and wet.

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