What I Learned About Myself While Watching "Being Mary Jane"

BeingMaryJane"Being Mary Jane" began with a mirror of reflection into our dirty laundry. Dirty laundry that I might add, we weren’t ready to hang out on the line in front of everyone. BUT there it was, revealing us to us; but I’m appreciating seeing so many of us in the bravery of being Mary Jane.  I’ll use we a lot in this blog because I’ve come to see Mary Jane in me. I’m enjoying how we’ve evolved with each episode. I often say that LIFE has a way of teaching us a few things about ourselves, to ourselves; and if we are open to the reason, season, lesson or lifetime, we will discover some amazing things about who we were, who we are and who we’re becoming. As a Relationship Educator I love a learning opportunity.

Here are just a few things that I learned and confirmed about myself while watching "Being Mary Jane"…

1.       When opportunity meets preparation it is a moment for you to shine in your purpose with passion!  Sometimes all you need is that one moment, that one shot, that one opportunity to catapult you into who you were destined to be.

2.       Make sure that the deal is closed first before you celebrate! More importantly make sure that the deal is sealed on your terms.  You only get what you negotiate for in this life.

3.       Take time to make the time to celebrate self and others! It matters when you have family, friends and genuine people who support and believe in you to celebrate with you.

4.       “Seeing others move on with their lives when it seems like you are stuck in the quicksand of yours”- As women we go through shifts and while we are supportive of others and are there for others sometimes we too get stuck. I'm learning to trust the process even though it hurts.

5.       "Set in my ways- It means I like things the way that I like them." That very moment when you realize that you and the person that you’ve been spending time with don't want the same things. Compromise is one thing but expecting others to change is something totally different.

6.       No woman wants to waste her time, her pretty years or her talents waiting. There will come a time when she, we and I understand and know that we are enough, flaws and all, and in that very moment decides that settling, waiting, dancing and hoping for the best is just not an option. She packs up her dignity, tears and pride and somewhere in that moment; that gut wrenching moment, she discovers who she is and more importantly WHO'S she is. She begins the journey of walking in, running in and BEING in her worth!

Looking forward to the next season of “Being Mary Jane


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Yanni Brown, a ChiCity born, Certified Relationship & Intimacy Educator and if you asked "What's Love Got to Do With It" she would answer without hesitation "Absolutely Everything."




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