Why We Love Pillow Talk at Refuge Live Chicago (And You Should, Too!)

Refuge Chicago Yanni BrownRelationships are hard. Building healthy relationships is some of the hardest work that you will ever do! As a Relationship Educator who has seen and experienced a little bit of everything I’m here to tell you that it’s worth it! We’ve seen longevity in relationships, people making it work and love blossoming in a world and a time that tells us that it’s not possible. Having Intimate Discussions about Love, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness when it comes to relationships they're not always easy, but having these hard conversations can actually strengthen our relationships.

 “Pillow Talk” is an Adult Co-Ed Conversation that has launched at Refuge Live Chicago on Wednesdays. Pillow Talk is hosted by Relationship Educator and Making Love Better TwoGether’s very own Yanni Brown. Its where singles, dating, couples, married and those that are curiously seeking a better understanding of themselves and the opposite sex gather to have an awesome conversation about love, life, relations, relationships, relationshits and ships. Our goal is to create better communication, spark conversations and create solutions in our efforts of Making Love Better TwoGether.

It is in "PILLOW TALK" that we can and will we ask and discuss the difficult questions “Should women act like a man and think like a lady? Are we becoming the men that we want to date? Are Black Women Angry? And more…

PILLOW TALK is not intended to be a lecture but it’s an interactive group of us twogether, participating in the discussion voluntarily. We encourage freedom of speech and a sense of humor with the intent of sharing and not being disrespectful. It is our hope that by sharing our experiences, the good, bad and the ugly that we will get our issues out in the open, start a discussion and begin the process of sharing, healing and helping US get to a better space when it comes to US Making Love Better TwoGether.

Pillow Talk is a great way to meet others, gain perspective and connect with friends. All we ask is that you join us with an open mind, be willing to listen and if you care to do so share your opinion(s). Join us for the conversation, stay for the experience! Good food, Good company and Great Conversation!

We encourage our guests to submit questions and they can do so anonymously info@yannibrown.com


“PILLOW TALK” with Yanni Brown

Wednesdays, 8pm-11pm 

Refuge Live Chicago   

416 S. Clark Street



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Yanni Brown, a ChiCity born, Certified Relationship & Intimacy Educator and if you asked "What's Love Got to Do With It" she would answer without hesitation "Absolutely Everything."



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