What Will Turn Down for What Be Like in 10 Years?

TURN-DOWN-FOR-WHATEveryone wants to turn up for everything! Living life like there’s no tomorrow. I get it! That’s a great idea but where’s the plan for after turning up? We are drinking, smoking, twerking, dancing, and neglecting our finances, bills, and responsibilities in the name of TURN UP! So I was thinking, I was thinking! Here are just a few reasons you might want to turn down.

You might want to turn down because your finances are not all that great to begin with and truth be told you can’t afford to turn up!

You might want to turn down because you are a parent and it is no longer about you and what you feel like you missed out on in your youth! It’s now about that child and being a responsible role model for them. Kids don’t do as you say they do as they see you do! Turn down for what? THEM!!!

You might want to turn down to preserve your liver; you will need that functioning properly as you get older. Excessive drinking destroys your liver among other things. Yeah there’s nothing wrong with having an adult beverage or drinking with friends. But if you are drinking every day or every weekend to always get drunk, you might want to turn to a 12 step program instead.

I’ll be the first to admit it, sex, making love and getting intimate is a wonderful thing. However if you are having sex with everyone, every chance you get. You might want to turn down to preserve your sexual organs. STD’s are serious and if you abuse your body sexually when you are young… YOU WILL PAY FOR IT as you get older. Turn down for what? You may want to look like you are 30 or younger at 30. You can't beat up your body and expect for it to stay loyal to you and remain in tact. Your body is a temple and if you don't treat it as such it will react accordingly. Look around you, and at you. Are you looking old, worn out and raggedy inside and out? Check yourself before your wreck yourself. You still have a ways to go with the one body that you have.

Reality TV is not REAL LIFE… I get it! It’s great entertainment but it is not who or what you should model your life after! What’s good today may not be so good in 3-5 years. IE: Cosmetic surgery… Turn down for what? So that you can live and be productive citizens, possibly discover your passion and purpose for your life. Everybody is not meant to be a celebrity. It really is ok to BE YOUR BEST VERSION OF YOU!

Nipping and tucking is becoming common place. Botox, lip injections, tummy tucks, butt injections, lifts,  and more. Last I checked you can never be what you once was after going under the knife. Just take a look at the recent picks of Renee Zellweger. So turn down for what? To preserve your natural sexy! You were made beautiful with all of your perfect imperfections. There’s nothing wrong with falling in love with YOU flaws and all. Remember you can’t undo the do after the do has been done.


I’d love to hear your turn down for what thoughts… Please post them below in the comments section.

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Yanni Brown, a ChiCity born, Certified Relationship & Intimacy Educator and if you asked "What's Love Got to Do With It" she would answer without hesitation "Absolutely Everything."






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