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TheBlexicansAn interesting thing happened to me last week. I had the honor and the privilege of speaking to the award winning Director and Actor Bill Duke and the Chicago based husband and wife power couple behind Red Dove Media, Warner DeShaun and Cherise Ragland.

I’m always interested in an opportunity discuss relationships and promoting the process of making love better twogether and during this interview which was really a conversation, I was blessed to hear just that! Bill Duke along with Warner DeShaun and Cherise Ragland shared with me “The Blexicans” a new sitcom that will be filmed and cast right here in Chicago. The Blexicans will challenge our cultural perceptions and create bridges of understanding while celebrating our differences.

I asked what can we expect to see in terms of healthy relationships from this new sitcom. Husband and wife team quickly chimed in with; “We can expect to see a journey, love at the core. You can expect an understanding in the dynamics of the mixture of cultures, different styles of relationships.”  Mr. Duke said “You can expect the truth. Evolution in the experience of what marriage is! We will talk about relationships in a realistic way. The ups and downs of relationships, what couples go through with each other? Showing how couples empower and embrace love with each other.

With the divorce rates soaring in the public eye and in the realm of relationships playing out in social media will the Blexicans share with us how to make love better twogether?

Cherise- “There will be a platform for healing through truth. We will address the elephant in the room.

Warner- “Our goal is show perseverance based in truth, pride and the benefits of healthy relationships.

I like the comedic twist to the sitcom. Laughter is definitely good for the soul, however will The Blexicans tackle the relationship issues that couples face?

Warner- "As a couple who’s been married for 24years we’ve had to go through some things as a couple. I’ve watched Cherise grow and develop from young woman, mother, customer service person into this amazing woman and partner. So the answer is yes we will tackle issues that couples face."

Last but certainly not least…How do you balance Love, Life, Purpose, Passion and the Pursuit of Happiness?

Warner- “I like to use a quote from Lizz Sharp. ‘The secret to balancing it all is we have to be professional forgivers two imperfect people forgiving while understanding that the power of forgiveness ignites the entire marriage.’ ”

Cherise- “ ‘Your attitude determines your altitude!’ When it comes to balance you have to press the RESET BUTTON. Be Grateful for everything that you have.”  Then she left me with this thought… “What if you wake up tomorrow with only the things that you was grateful for today?”

Mr. Duke- “For me balance is about priorities. I sometimes work a 14 hour day. Balance understands that, having mutual respect of time and what it means to sacrifice.”

Making Love Better TwoGether is definitely looking forward to more shows that are geared toward getting to a healthier state when it comes to relationships. Stay tuned for “The Blexicans” this new sitcom is about an aspiring black Carl Jr. a comic who despises working for the family funeral business. Carl, secretly elopes with his beautiful Mexican girlfriend. He now must discover a way to make peace between the two feuding families, keep his wife happy all while pursuing his dream of being a stand-up comedian. Chicago's own George Willborn will play the comedy club owner and as a mentor to Carl Jr.

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The Blexicans

Casting Info:

We are holding a city wide casting call for several different roles of the new hot comedy “The Blexicans” directed by BILL DUKE.  The Blexicans is a half hour comedic television show to be filmed in Chicago and we are looking for you!



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