Amazingly Awesome and Sexy Benefits to Marriage

whats-so-great-about-marriageWE always hear about all of the negative things that go on in relationships and marriages. As a relationship educator I’m always trying to point out the positives of being in healthy relationships. Yesterday we took to Making Love Better TwoGether’s facebook page to ask couples an “Intimate Discussion” question of the day… “What are some of the benefits of marriage?” hoping that some of our married friends would share.

A very good friend of mine shared Intimate Discussions Q.O.T.D. with her married friends. Here are some of their amazingly awesome responses.


Gene B. “Having someone who overstands you...”

Shay G. “Sleeping next to/with your best not just that but having that one person you can build with, grow with, be yourself with, receive criticism from and know that it came from the best place, security, stability, unconditional love”

Latisha Spence B. “I think the ability to be able to share your thoughts, fears, and aspirations without judgment. Having someone who has your back and will share the positive but will also acknowledge your areas of opportunity with the goal of developing you not tearing you down! Knowing that someone out there can sense when something just ain't right and desires to bring you peace and help resolve issues when necessary! Going home to someone who desires to please me mentally, emotionally, physically and will do so even when they don't feel like it.

Charlesa J. “God honors marriage and I truly believe he will bless it, you have better and safer sex...yay!!!, the commitment with your best friend means a lot to me. Also, I felt good single but I feel totally complete with my husband and it feels good to know we will grow old together!! We complete each other!!”

Alisa M B. “My perspective & experience...Security. Maturity. Stability (on several levels). Social adjustment. Less stress. Less worry. Solid companionship. Respect of unions...mine & others.”

Mark B. “Really it knows that you can trust another person in your life, with your own life.”

James H. “Automatically lowered my insurance rates. Helps in my decision making. I don't have to look for too much advice or help because it's right in my home! Problem solving is easier. Our businesses thrive because we're partners. We balance each other. When I don't want to drive my car, or it's broke, I pull hers out lol. Dinner prepared regularly. Dating is an option not a hope. We're in sync so when she's not feeling well I am there to support and nurture her back to 100% and vice versa. We DVR our favorite shows and watch them at night. I could go on.”

Remi H. “In this world of uncertainty filled with tons of's amazing to be able to come home to someone who is surely my personal "Certain Thing." There is no doubt about his love for me and mine for him. He knows my wants, my fears, my desires and everything else. In this big world...he is my one Sure Thing. With all the struggles of life we encounter… It’s great to be able to have a partner in your life that makes the air we breathe a little more purified. When marriage is right, your finances are better, your struggles are easier, you can discuss your desires and issues without fear of being judged, you have someone to do everything with or to just sit and do nothing with, you have a support system like no other in just that one person alone, safer & more creative sex, and creating a friendship with someone that will hold strong against & through practically everything...I could go on and on. But let me end with saying that...when it's can't even begin to imagine the benefits”

Sharon A Caldwell- T. “Unconditional love. We love each other through the imperfection. I met LaRoderick J. Travis when I was 13 and neither of us knew anything about loving each other, but it's been great praying & learning together.”

Kristina Is L. “Having someone who knows you, understands your moods, likes, dislikes. Having a man to take out garbage, kill the bugs, and drop me off at the door when it's cold or raining. I enjoy learning him, doing for him, surprising him with things, being faithful, the absence of disease and drama. There are fewer uncertainties in life when you have a partner to experience it with. I love being in love and being loved. Having someone to discuss things with, tell about your day, somebody to listen, run an idea past. Security, I love the security. I know he's there and has my back and he knows the same. There are so many things, it's really hard to summarize.”

Melanie F. “Craig and I have been at this for 9 years strong. There are many fun little things that are really advantages; like I wash the clothes and he folds. He loads and unloads the dishwasher and I do all the hand washing stuff. We love to DVR and watch Family Feud, The Strain, Bring It Project Runway and The Amazing Race. We talk strategies for our Amazing Race audition tape and how we are going to take good notes and read and re-read the clues to win the million dollars! We both chip into the rainy/fun/vacay fund when we can. We make each other soup and dispense get well meds and remedies. When times are hard we work through it together. He is my rock and I am his touchstone. We enjoy watching and talking about sports, current events and what not to wear! LOL. We know that sex is not the only intimacy that matters, but that it does matter! We share a tie that binds. And there is nothing better in life than the joy we are blessed to share daily as parents to our precious son -Cairo. It took me 3 marriages to get it right, but as the saying goes.."3rd time’s a charm!"

Devan P. “Great topic I wish I had time to write what I want, but here's the short answer. You get to share a life worth living with someone special.”

Meradith Potter J. “I just got out of the hospital literally and guess who never left my side? MY WIFE! #Benefit”

Angela Marie W. “Having a dependable partner in everything. Having someone to love and someone love me for the rest of our lives. Having someone to laugh with every day. Having someone to procreate with to leave a legacy. Awesomeness!”

Keyia B. “Having someone who "gets" you. Loves you flaws & all. And not only inspires you to be the best version of yourself but that pushes you to be that best person because they know you deserve that in life. To have one of your main "happy places" be mobile because your fave person can go with you. I could go on and on lol.”

Tasha T. J.“I agree with the comments and I must say what we have comes from bonding our "what we already had" We took that and it has become our foundation of our love and commitment to each other! Our bond is tighter.. Our friendship is closer.. Our laughter is funnier.. I trials are tried and true.. So we triumph and 22 years later.. Our marriage and union is Stronger than ever...We're still learning and lending a hand! We realize we're "better together!" No hand is warmer or stronger than his and I love our simple moments of quality time! We like each other! Lol... He still stares at me! Yep he's still my Friend!”

AWEEEE! I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you Charnia and all of her amazing married friends who don't mind sharing and telling the truth about good lovin' and the benefits of marriage. Making Love Better TwoGether truly appreciates your honesty and truth! WE as a society need to hear, see, taste, touch and feel what Healthy Marriages look like!

THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart for sharing! Just imagine how beautiful love could be if we feared less and shared loved more! Imagine a world that would spread the benefits of healthy, loving relationships and marriages just as boldly as they share negativity and mess. IMAGINE the world Making Love Better TwoGether

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